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Five for Friday- Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Oh, the NSale. You know, the Nordstrom sale that puts serious markdowns on NEW fall merchandise. You will soon see blog posts and your Instagram feed filled with what you should buy, and photos of girls wrapped in scarves and sweaters even though it’s 100 freaking degrees and still July! You will probably be sick of it long before it’s over but nonetheless compelled to buy, so here’s five tips for shopping this sale.

1. Make a list. Check your closet and see what fall items you have, need to replace, or need to fill in gaps in your fall/winter wardrobe. A list will also be helpful in following tip #5.  Check out the catalog here


2. Shop early. Get a Nordstrom card so you can shop early access on July 13. Most of the hot items will be sold out by the time public access rolls around on July 21.

3. Shop often. Things sometimes get restocked, so keep a watch on your wish list if something has sold out. You may also come across something you missed the first go around.

4. Shop online and order multiple sizes. It’s frustrating to get something, have it not fit and then have it sold out before you can make an exchange. Shipping and returns are free, so why not?

5. Don’t go hog wild. Stick to your budget. This is something you will rarely see in posts on shopping the Nsale, but don’t go hog wild. I shamefully admit I still have a top in my closet from last year that didn’t get worn. That leads to another related point about not going hog wild. Shop for YOUR fall, not fantasy fall. It will still be hot until November or so here, hence why I never wore that top. I will not need tons of new sweaters and scarves. And I’m not dressing up in sweaters and scarves in this heat to take photographs and write blog posts so you will click my links and buy something. When I can actually wear it, it will probably be sold out. Or something better will come along. Case in point – I bought a cardigan last year that was very popular during the sale. A few weeks later, I found one at Old Navy that was just as good and cheaper. The Nordstrom cardigan got returned. So keep in mind, this is not the only store that will sell fall merchandise and not the only time to buy it. Some of the things I bought also did not sell out and were on sale later too. SO….. stick to that list from tip #1 and if you really need new boots, or can wear them to get a decent cost per wear over time, go for it. Have fun with this sale, but don’t go hog wild.

With all that said, I will probably be looking for booties and jewelry, especially exclusive pieces I can’t buy at other times. Alex and Ani released a bracelet for the sale last year that I didn’t buy and I kind of regret it.

Have a great weekend!

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