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How to wear a square neck scarf

square neck scarf outfit with vneck sweaterPin

womens office outfit with square neck scarfPin

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Scarf- thrifted  option  option  option

sweater- Worthington  option option

pants- Loft  option  option  option

shoes- TJMaxx  option  option

bracelet- Kendra Scott

earrings- old  option  option

I hope you all had a great weekend. I actually had a pretty productive Saturday. It was long overdue. I did some much needed sweeping, vacuuming, and carpet cleaning. Yeah, fun stuff. I got a few more things listed on Poshmark, and I did some work on the blog. If you leave a comment, you will see that I switched to the Disqus comment platform. I did this so I could respond to your comments more easily. Of course, I could always reply on the blogger platform, but you had to check back to see if I replied. With Disqus, you should get an email with my reply. Sometimes you ask questions, and I want to answer. I also really want to engage here with you and commenting and replying to comments more often was one of my goals for this year. Hopefully, this will make things easier. So… leave me a comment and let’s make sure this thing is working appropriately. If you comment and don’t hear back from me in the next few days, let me know because it will mean something isn’t working. If you have gotten the Disqus notice of a reply from me this weekend, please let me know as well.  Unfortunately, my old replies on the Blogger comment platform do not import as replies with the comments they belong to. They imported as separate comments, so if you happen to look at old posts and the comment sequence doesn’t make sense, that’s the problem. I don’t think there is fix for that right now.

Now that we have that business out of the way, let’s talk about neck scarves. I have always been fascinated by scarves, including the silk square ones. As I kid, I loved to play with my Mom’s and I even wore them myself in high school. No one else really did, but I didn’t care. I need to find my sophomore or junior year photo and share. I had a scarf on in a bandana style with a striped tee. The scarf had a print in it, so I was early to the pattern mixing game, lol. As an adult, I dipped back into this trend a few years ago, but the end result was flight attendant look. I can’t believe I even posted that- you can’t say I don’t keep it real here. Anyway, the trend is back and I’ve found that the key is to wear the square scarf with a vneck, boatneck or off shoulder top.

Are you a fan of the neck scarf trend?

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