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Amazon Prime: What I Bought in February 2024 (and Some Fun Wishlist Finds)

My list of purchases is pretty short again this month. I’m still monitoring extra spending very closely. I’m also enjoying the freedom that comes with not having to deal with the packages and recycling or returning the things that don’t work by refraining from shopping.

That’s not to say I don’t still like online window shopping so I’ve got a few things to share that have found their way to my wishlist.

What I Purchased from Amazon Prime in February

Topo Athletic Men’s Ultrafly 4 Comfortable Lightweight 5MM Drop Road Running Shoes

The hubby discovered these shoes last year at a local running shoe store on the island. He is on his feet on tile floors ALL DAY, 8 hours per day, so he needs good comfortable shoes for work. He enjoys these for the comfort and needed a new pair. Going to the island is a little out of the way and parking is a pain, so Amazon Prime came to the rescue when he needed a new pair.

E-gift card

We sent my mother-in-law an e-gift card for her birthday in February. It might seem like cheating on a gift, but when you want to get a gift to someone fast, an Amazon e-gift card is a great option.

PRETTYGARDEN Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

long sleeve boho maxi dressPin

I ordered this dress and shared it in this post on dresses to wear with knee high boots. It’s such a gorgeous dress and it feels so good on. Full transparency- I returned it but not because I didn’t love it. I just don’t wear dresses much anymore. It worked for me at 5’2″ with the heel of the boots.

Women’s Tweed Jackie Dress 

This is such an adorable dress and would be perfect for the office with pumps. I’ve seen the same dress for $88-$268 so the Amazon dress is a steal. It comes in seven colors and the blue, pink or white would be perfect for Easter.

tweed dressPin

Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter – iPhone Charger with Fast Charging Capability, Type C Wall Charger

I had to replace my phone during February which meant I needed a new wall charger too. Apple can’t leave well enough alone. Every few models they change the cords to a different USB type so you have to buy new cords and chargers. I now have 5 apple devices and four different cord and charger types. ARGH!

Amazon Best Sellers

There are a few things that sell over and over from my affilitate links and I thought they were worth mentioning as well. If you have purchased from my links, I thank you! You help make this blogging venture worthwhile.

90 Degree by Reflex Leggings

I have these and love them! I’ve featured them in various posts and they are my all time best seller!

Hanes Women’s Sweatshirt, French Terry Full-Zip Hoodie

I have this hoodie and wear it all the time. It’s lightweight for mild climates and long enough in the back to cover the bum.

MEROKEETY Women’s Casual Blazers 

I ordered two of these in fall colors last fall and have thoroughly enjoyed them! I’m excited to see them in spring colors like pink, blue, lilac and ivory.

What’s on My Amazon Prime Wish List

Dream Pairs Loafers– Loafers are trendy right now. I’ve been impressed with past orders of Dream Pairs and I’m excited to see some at an affordable price.

Chain Link Huggies I’m obsessed with huggie earrings and yet I don’t have a chain link pair in my collection. Yes, please. These may have to move from wish list to cart soon.

Henley tank top I love a henley top and come summer, I’ll be circling back to these. The henley top adds a little detail to an otherwise plain tank.

JBL Vibe Beam True Wireless Headphones  I have airpods but use them strictly at home and travel. At work I was still using wired earphones when I had a chance to listen to something, but I’ve been issued a new work phone and once again, Apple has change the connections, so the old earphones won’t work. I’m considering a pair of these to leave at the office.

Shop my wish list:

I can’t wait to see what you Primed. Linking up with Tanya.