Reader Favorites

The montlhly and yearly round up of reader favorite posts and products.

The Most Loved of May 2024

I hope you are past all of the hustle and bustle of May and easing into a lazy summer. Let’s take a look at all the blog had to offer in May.

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Reader Favorites of April 2024

Hello and Happy May! How did it get to be May already?! For me, it means the weather is about to really heat up and the rest of the year will roll right along. Before…

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Top Ten Reader Favorites of March 2024

It’s always fun to do a round up of the top posts and see what is resonating with readers on my blog. March was a busy month for me at work and I didn’t get…

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The Best of March 2024

April is rolling along with more fluctuating temps but I’m not complaining. By May it will be full on summer here. I’ll take spring as it comes for a little while longer. Here’s a look…

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The Best of February 2024

Hello and Happy March! Spring is coming and I’m excited for it. I’m not sure where February went but it was busy and I didn’t get much content published- 7 posts and only 5 of…

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The Most Loved of January 2024

We made it through January! I never noticed before social media that January was such a long month, but that’s all you see is people complaining or joking about how long January is. It has…

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Reader Favorites of December 2023

I meant to post this Friday, but life got in the way. I spent Thursday evening packing away the outdoor Christmas decorations instead of prepping a blog post. The dog was sick and in the…

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