Amazon Purchases

Everything I own and love from Amazon and some of the things I didn’t love. Amazon is a one stop shop for everything. These reviews make you aware of products available and my opinion of the quality.

What I Primed in April 2024

Hello and Happy May! Are you getting excited for summer? I want to hang on the the mild spring temps we have had for just a bit longer. It’s time to link up with Tanya…

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What I Primed in March 2024

Hello and Happy April! It’s April Fool’s Day but there is no foolin’ around going on here. It’s time to share the awesome things I bought through Amazon Prime last month, and time to link…

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Amazon Prime: What I Bought in February 2024 (and Some Fun Wishlist Finds)

My list of purchases is pretty short again this month. I’m still monitoring extra spending very closely. I’m also enjoying the freedom that comes with not having to deal with the packages and recycling or…

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What’s On My Amazon Prime Wish List

I challenged myself to a no spending month in January. It wasn’t a $0 spending month because there are obvious needs- grocery, gas, etc. But it was a challenge for me not to buy any…

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What I Primed in December 2023

Hello and Happy Monday! It’s time to link up with Tanya and share what I primed in December 2023. December is always a big spending month with Amazon because of the holiday and gift giving.…

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Best of Amazon 2023: Reader Favorites and Mine

Amazon is my top selling retailer through one of my affiliate sites. I also did well with direct Amazon affiliate links this year as well. I typically round up my favorite purchases each year but…

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What I Primed in November 2023

It’s time to take a look at Amazon Prime purchases for November 2023. This almost slipped by me. I can’t adjust to it being December already. November was a little lighter as far as purchases…

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