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The Best Style Dresses for an Apple Shape

Is your body top-heavy? If your shoulders are wider than your hips and your waist isn’t that well-defined, you probably have an apple-shaped body. 

It’s a body type you share with sexy celebrities like Liz Hurley, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Simpson, and Lindsay Lohan. Just like them, you can make your body shape work for you by wearing the right styles.

So, what kind of dresses should you be looking at? We will discuss the best style dresses for an apple shape in this article.

Before we dive in, let’s get to know your body type a little better.

Characteristics of Apple-Shaped Bodies

Contrary to what some believe, this silhouette doesn’t mean that a woman is overweight. While abdominal obesity could put you at risk for type 2 diabetes, it simply refers to the proportions of your body.

People with apple figures generally have:

  • Wider ribcages and backs
  • Rounder/ broad shoulders
  • A fuller midsection
  • Flat buttocks
  • Narrow hips
  • Undefined waists
  • Nice slim legs 

In addition, people with this body type tend to show weight in the stomach area first. Many also tend to have a large bust.

Probably the biggest concern among women with apple-shaped bodies is hiding their bellies. The good news is the right dress can take attention away from your problem areas while flattering your body’s best features. It’s all about drawing attention away from certain parts of your body, and highlighting your favorite features in the most flattering way.

It’s Possible To Have a Mixed Body Type

When evaluating your figure, don’t feel like you have to check all these boxes to fit into a certain category. People’s shapes are unique and it’s possible to have a combination of body types. 

For example, you could also be pear-shaped if your hips are slightly wider than your shoulders. You could partially be an inverted triangle if you have broader shoulders than hips. Finally, your apple body shape can be somewhat rectangular if the width of your hips and bust are almost the same. Your defining characteristic for an apple body type is a larger middle section. 

At the end of the day, remember that body shapes exist to provide general descriptions, not define who you are or put you in a box.

Dress Styles That Work Well With the Apple Figure

If you’re frustrated by the experience of trying on different dresses that simply don’t look good, allow us to help. We’ll show you which dress cuts, fabric types, colors, and designs to look for.

By the end of this article, you’ll be happy to learn how many options you actually have. Here are dress styles that will make your body look its best!

Chiffon Dresses 

Dresses with soft fabrics like chiffon can give you a nice silhouette. Unlike tight, stretchy fabrics, this material drapes nicely on almost all body types without drawing attention to the bust, midsection, or waist. Chiffon fabric is almost always well distributed, giving your bust and tummy area breathing room and a minimalist look. 

Choose dresses or clothing made of soft fabric that simply glides off your prominent parts instead of hugging them. Avoid tight-fitting dresses because they can create bulges in all the wrong places. They can make your rounded body parts appear bigger. 

Dresses With Less Details in the Midsection and Bust Areas

Choose dresses that don’t have details on the bust and abdomen areas. Avoid dresses with ruffles of extra layers of fabric around the chest and waist because they add bulk to your heavier parts. 

Instead, choose dresses with minimalist uniform patterns and colors to visually flatten these sections.

Color block dresses with accent colors or print patterns on the bust and tummy can emphasize these problem areas so steer clear of these styles. Remember, embellishments will draw attention to the body parts where they’re worn so it’s best to avoid them.

Dresses With Details or Accent Above the Bustline 

To take focus away from a heavy torso, choose dresses that highlight your shoulders. Find pieces with prominent collars or details along the neckline. You can also accessorize by adding a necklace or choker. 

Another option is to add a faux collar to an otherwise plain shirt. Consider adding a light scarf for extra style like Audrey Hepburn. 

Dresses With Low Necklines

Similar to taking focus away from your midsection, a dress with a low neckline highlights your decolletage instead by drawing the gaze to your collarbone and shoulders. Open necklines are a great way to draw the eye vertically down the body, creating a longer and leaner appearance. This vertical line helps to elongate the torso, which is often a desired effect for apple shapes.

Neckline styles like V-neck, sweetheart, strapless, and boat cuts expose your neck and shoulders more, allowing your bare skin to take center stage. 

Wear the right bra to pull this off flawlessly. There should be no showing of straps or bra cups. In addition, your bra shouldn’t bulge as it presses against the fabric. Hence, opt for a strapless, t-shirt bra to keep things looking neat and smooth.

Dresses With Details in the Hemline

Apple figures typically have slim legs so it’s a good move to wear dresses with hemlines that draw attention to your great legs. This will add balance and proportion to your figure. 

Choose dresses with a ruffle hemline or hemlines with lace, prints, or distinct colors as an accent. While you’re at it, wear shoes that help elongate your legs like dressy shoes with pointy toes in neutral shades. 

A-Line Dresses or Skirts

Apple figures typically have less-defined waists and narrower hips. You can mask these by wearing an A-line dress or skirt that makes your waist look cinched while giving you wider hips through its flared cut. 

This dress type also adds more femininity to your style, giving the impression that your body has a shapely silhouette. Throw in some pretty heels and kick your sexiness up a notch. 

Jacket-Layered Dress

You can add bulk above your bust area to balance your midsection’s width by adding a jacket over your dress. A jacket with a wide collar or eye-catching neckline details is a subtle way to keep eyes off your bust and tummy areas. Choose a jacket or cardigan that hangs slightly above the waist. This layering technique also helps define your waist by making it look smaller. 

Dresses With a Dark Belt 

Wear dresses with dark belts to cinch and define your waist. You can also add a dark-colored belt to minimize and delineate your midriff. Avoid belts with details as they can work against you and make your waist look bigger.

Whether you’re wearing a dress, skirt, trousers, or shorts, a dark belt can help outline your waist and make it appear slimmer. 

Wraparound Dresses

Wrap dresses draw attention above the bust with their low necklines. They also cinch the waist with their flared styles. This addresses four common problem areas in one go—bust, waist, abdomen, and hips. It can be your go-to fashion choice for a date night or anytime you need a confidence boost. It’s a good way to power-dress while exuding femininity and complementing your apple figure.   

Even better, select wrap-around dresses with soft fabric and a pattern that distracts from your midsection. This smart move incorporates fabric that naturally flows around your body.  You can even add a dark belt to accentuate your waist.

Some stylist disagree with this style of dress being a fit for an apple. It depends on your overall shape. If you have a large tummy, you may want to avoid the wrap dress. If you just have a thick midsection with no waist, give them a try.

Dresses With Detailed Sleeves

Another way to trick the eye away from your rounded bust and midsection is by wearing dresses or tops with detailed sleeves. Think slits, puffs, gathers, capped, flutters, and sleeves with accent patterns or colors.   This will draw attention to your shoulders and arms and away from your torso. Sleeves with embellishments like beads and embroidery will also flatter your body type. 

If you have long sleeves, you can roll them up to create a ruched effect that allows people to admire your toned arms.

More Styling Tips for Apple-Shaped Bodies

Dresses make you feel more feminine and dressed up but if you want to accessorize them or wear something else, here are a few practical styling tips for picking the right clothes.

Flared Pants or Shorts

Like the flared or A-line dress and skirt, flared jeans and shorts also make your waist look smaller while making your hips appear wider and your legs seem longer. This is because they are narrower at the waist and wider towards the hem. 

Unstructured Jackets

Women with apple-shaped figures look best in jackets that are free of embellishments. Prioritize single-breasted, straight-cut, and open-style jackets.  Avoid double-breasted jackets that add bulk where you least want it. Motorcycle jackets that are worn open can also add definition to your midsection without clinging to it.

Pair your jacket with a top that shows off your shoulders and highlights your collarbone and arms. 

Dark and Monochromatic Color Schemes

You can go for dark on dark or a monochromatic color scheme. Alternatively, you can wear a dark dress with a light-colored jacket to make your belly less obvious. The color contrast draws attention up towards the neckline and sleeves while minimizing your bust and belly’s fullness. 


From dresses with low necklines to wraparound styles and A-line dresses to unstructured jackets, there are so many styles that can flatter your beautiful figure. We hope this guide helps you find dresses that complement your natural silhouette more easily. 

If you find a few pieces that don’t fit our criteria but look good on you anyway, go ahead and wear them. When it comes to clothing, the most important thing is you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful in it.

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