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How To Nail The Minimalist Fashion Style

In today’s post on the unique personal style series, I’d like to talk about the classic minimalist fashion style. Are you raring to jump on the minimalist fashion bandwagon? Or maybe you’re just curious about it.

Either way, join me as I walk you through the elements of this style. I will also share minimalist clothing ideas and the top brands you can shop from.

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What Is Classic Minimalist Fashion Style?

Classic minimalist fashion style is a style trend that is derived from Marie Kondo’s famous decluttering method—the KonMari Method. This method is commonly associated with minimalism, which emphasizes making do with less. Although it originally applied to home decor, minimalists have adopted the concept and applied it to fashion, too.

Minimalist fashion involves intentionally creating a capsule wardrobe with a limited number of outfits. These few pieces of clothing should be ones that you actually wear rather than hanging around in your closet collecting dust for months or years. They should also spark joy, which is why many people tout the minimalist fashion style as the key to a happier life.

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Minimalist fashion is a shift from the fast fashion trends and consumerism ideology. It shuns the ills and perils of fast fashion, including water pollution, mounting landfills, greenhouse gas emissions, and exploitation of farmers and workers. It encourages people to lead a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

The goal of minimalist fashion is not to make a fashion statement. Instead, it aims to make you feel and look good while caring for your finances and the planet.

If you wish to incorporate this style into your wardrobe, I will walk you through its different elements, including the colors, materials, and design. Let’s get started.

The Elements Of Classic Minimalist Fashion Style

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Minimalist fashion is all about sustainability. Natural, sustainable materials like cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, and merino wool feature heavily in this style trend. People with a classic minimalist fashion style usually avoid synthetic fabrics entirely and use them sparingly, for instance, in fabric blends.


Minimalist fashion followers tend to stick to a few neutral colors, like black, white, gray, and brown. The idea is to have a monochrome color palette that works well with all kinds of outfits so they don’t clash. This will help you stick to the fashion essentials without having to buy more clothes to complement each other.

But that does not mean your wardrobe has to be entirely devoid of color. You can incorporate any color you wish, as long as you don’t have to buy more clothes to complete an ensemble in a certain color.

So, if you like forest green or gold, create a capsule wardrobe that features these colors a lot, along with other complementary hues.

Design Elements

In minimalist fashion, less is more. The key is eliminating the extras from your closet and leaving only the essentials. You can include classic tops, T-shirts, jeans, shorts, skirts, shift or A-line dresses, blazers, sweaters, sandals, and booties in your closet. Once you’ve figured out your fashion must-haves, pair them in different ways.

Also, focus on functionality, clean and simple lines, a limited color palette you love, and high-quality craftsmanship.

Classic Minimalist Fashion Style Outfit Ideas

Cropped Top + Cycling Shorts + Closed-Toe Sandals


Wear a colorful cropped top with a comfortable pair of cycling shorts in a complementing color. Finish off the minimalist look with a pair of bright, solid-colored closed-toe sandals for springtime color explosion.

Graphic T-Shirt + Jeans + Sneakers

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Pair a cotton graphic T-shirt with jeans and sneakers. This classic combo is perfect for a summer jaunt across town or brunch with your gang while helping you nail the minimalist fashion style.

Tank Top + Trousers + Blazer + Cutout Booties

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Throw on a white cotton or linen tank top and a pair of white cotton or silk trousers. Pair it with a black blazer and black cutout booties for a neutral, minimalist fall ensemble.


Sweater + Midi Skirt + Strappy Sandals + Clutch Bag

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Don an oversized or cropped sweater in your favorite color and pair it with a matching velvet or satin midi skirt. Slip on a complementing pair of strappy sandals and a clutch bag, and you’re ready for winter minimalist fashion.

Minimalist Fashion Brands

Where To Shop For Minimalist Clothing?

Sustainable clothing brands and labels are the top options when it comes to scoring stylish minimalist clothing. You can easily find them online or even locally.

Here are some of the best minimalist clothing brands and labels you can check out:

Kotn: Canada-based Kotn creates minimalist clothing crafted from organic Egyptian cotton ethically and sustainably in the Nile Delta. It also partners with local NGOs to ensure children in the area receive a quality education. This makes it an excellent choice for minimalists who want their money and fashion choices to make a difference in the world.

The Classic T-Shirt Company: This American brand produces ethical T-shirts made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. It does not use any animal products. Shop from their website and rock the casual minimalist look.

Mila.Vert: Looking for timeless, minimalist fashion? This Slovenia-based sustainable fashion brand offers exactly that. The garments feature stylish, sophisticated details that give them a contemporary appeal.

Everlane Carrying clothing with basic clean lines, Everlane has miminimalist clothing styles at its best. They are committed to environmental initiatives to leave the smallest impact on the world and to keep the earth clean. Their clothing is made to last.

Are you one of those classic minimalist fashion style icons, or do you dress up that way occasionally?

Or perhaps, after reading this piece, you’d like to try out the look?  Share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to know what you think.