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My October Prime Purchases

Oh boy, hasn’t Amazon Prime just totally spoiled us? I am going there more and more these days. Every time I need something, I hop on Amazon and order. I haven’t been inside a store other than the grocery store much lately.

Here are the things I purchases in October.

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1-Dr. Scholl’s Luna sneakers– I am in love with these. They do make my feet a little warm, but they are so comfortable! This color goes with everything.

2-Grey Alexander and David cardigan– I ordered this one and a grey cardigan from Loft at the very end of September and both arrived at the beginning of this month. My current grey cardigan is several years old and is looking a little shapeless, so this is a replacement. I liked both cardigans but ultimately decided on this one based on fit. I also have this cardigan in pink and camel so I know it’s quality and comfort is what I want.

3 Honest Beauty gel cleanser I have been slowly replacing my beauty products with cleaner products due to some allergic reactions I have been having. I have yet to pin point the exact ingredients that cause the problem- rash on eyelids, redness and swelling of eyelids and under eyes- but the cleaner the product, the less it happens. This gets a rating of 2 from EWG Skin Deep and it’s definitely a mild, gentle cleanser.

4 Burt’s Bees Fragrance Free Lotion  I bought my first bottle of this at Target, but it was a clearance item. I didn’t bother to go back to Target to look for more. Amazon had it and Prime had it at my door in two days. It’s also a cleaner lotion. It does have an odd smell that some might not like, but the smell goes away shortly after applying and does not linger.

5 Micro USB cable and charger I was having issues with my phone not charging and decided to replace the charger. I didn’t want to spend a lot in case the charger wasn’t the issue so I order this one from Amazon. I have not had any issues with my phone since and the cable is pretty heavy duty.

6 Anker wireless mouse- I have been having issues with my hand, index finger and thumb. It gets sore from all the scrolling on a mouse at work and then at  home, so I decided to try a different mouse. I still have to scroll with this one, but the design lets me use my middle finger and give the index finger a break. It seems to help and I like the mouse for a change from a traditional one.

I also replaced some of my daily use beauty products this month. Amazon has cheaper prices than the drugstore on these and I get them in two days with Prime! 7- NYX concealer– great for dark circles. 8 Micro brow pencil- As good as Anastasia Beverly Hills for a third of the cost. I also tried out 9-Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing powder and so far I’m liking it.

What did you prime this month? See more prime purchases here.

Don’t have Amazon Prime? Try it now for free for 30 days. Now is the best time to try it because you can start your Christmas shopping and get free shipping! And quick shipping! 2 days is awesome when you forget that you need that teacher or bus driver gift now or there is a party this weekend and you need a hostess gift. So try it out now.

Amazon Prime makes a great gift too. Have the stubborn family member that just doesn’t see the benefit of Amazon Prime? Gift them a membership. I bet they will love it once they have it.

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