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Pajamas From Amazon and More: Prime purchases July 2022

With Prime Days in July, it was another heaving Amazon shopping month. I used Prime days to stock up on things we needed to replace and things we use.

Let’s get right to it.

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Pajamas from Amazon

Over half of my pajamas come from Amazon. I have frequent night sweats so my pajamas see a lot of wash and wear. When they go on sale on Prime Days I stock up.

Womens Pajama Short Set – Ultra Soft Stretch Sleepwear 

Just like the title says, this is a soft comfy set. I sized up to a large. I find that I frequently need to do that with pajamas from Amazon. These are a nice comfy set for sleeping and lounging.


Pajama Set with Capri Pants

When we transition from summer to fall, I like to have pajamas in capris instead of shorts. This fun set says what I’m all about: love, peace, coffee and sleep. They also come in lots of other fun patterns. I also have the pink camo set.


Enjoynight Sleeveless Pajama set

These are my favorite pajamas from Amazon for summer. I have a couple of other sets and have worn out and replaced a third. I got these in the fun flamingo print. Pajamas don’t have to be serious.


Biker shorts from Amazon

My workout bottoms consist mostly of biker shorts and I get most of them from Amazon. My favorite brand is Baleaf but the CRZ yoga bike shorts were a better deal during Prime Days. They are a close second for fit and comfort. I ordered the petrol blue and a black pair.

I love having the side pocket to hold my phone.


Skincare favorites from Amazon

I previously used Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream. I stopped while I was trying to figure out my skin allergies. Feeling confident that I am not allergic to this product, I added it back to my routine. It’s a cream that turns almost to a liquid once applied. My dry skin soaks it right up and loves it.


Truskin Vitamin C Serum

This serum brightens skin and is relatively clean. The 2 oz bottle was on sale for Prime Days. I scooped it up since it’s part of my routine skin care.


Sexy Hair Play Dirty

This stuff is great for adding texture and for making just washed hair easier to style. I saved $6 on a bottle during Prime Days.


Sports Research Collagen Powder

I’m including this under skincare favorites because it really is good for your skin and hair as well as for joints. The hubby and I both use this and I saved $10 on a container during Prime Days.


Anti wrinkle silicone chest pad

Curiosity got the best of me so I ordered this during Prime days. I haven’t used it enough to say if it works, but it did appear that I had less lines the one night I used it. I am a side sleeper so I create way too many wrinkles on my chest. There is nothing on it to treat the chest. It just keeps the skin pulled tight.


For the Home from Amazon

Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows

We needed new pillows so I took advantage of prime days for that too. They are comfortable but the cooling technology bypasses me given that I have night sweats and that hasn’t stopped since using the pillows.

Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser

Our dog has terrible thunder and noise phobias. With all of the storms and July fireworks, she has been struggling. At the suggestion of our vet, we ordered one of these. She seems less anxious on a daily basis but I’m not sure it calms her during a storm.

Huray Rayho Interchangeable Wooden Gnome Decor Holiday Seasonal Tiered Tray Decor

This made me smile when it arrived. It has interchangable pieces for all seasons. I will be using it with my tiered tray decor.

There were a few more things that I ordered and returned but they aren’t worth the mention. I can’t wait to see what everyone else got from Amazon.

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