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What I Primed May 2022

May was an interesting month for Amazon purchases. More often than not, we are in the habit of just hopping on Amazon and having an item shipped to us when we need something rather than going to the store. It’s just easier.

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For example, our dehumidifier stopped working, or rather the float that tells you the bucket is full stopped working and it overflowed in our bathroom twice. Luckily there was no damage, just a wet rug. The hubby looked online at Lowe’s and Home Depot to see what was available and then decided Amazon was just easier and as affordable. It wasn’t worth going to the store to find out they really didn’t have the one we wanted, as is often the case with our local Lowe’s and Home Depot. We have been through two other dehumidifiers, so it wasn’t anything we really had to think about.

We require one to keep the humidity down in our bathroom as we live in such a humid climate. Our closet is off the bathroom (I will never have that layout again) and if we don’t run a dehumidifier, dye in our clothing will transfer to another item.

Long story short, we have a new Honeywell dehumidifier thanks to Amazon. It’s bigger than than the last one we had so we won’t have to dump the bucket as frequently, and it’s so quite! I could not hear myself think over the last one so this one is a real treat.


Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Boot– Snakes, and poisonous ones at that, are crawling in South Georgia. We own some wooded property that my husband frequents for hunting so he bought himself a new pair of snake boots. He looked everywhere online and ended up at Amazon.


Vanity Fair Half Slip- It’s been forever since I updated my slips and I still wear them under some dresses. I ordered this one in a 16” but might return it for the 18” while I still can. I have no complaints about this one. I just need it to be a tad longer.


I also tried this shaping slip but it absolutely would not stay in place. I wore it around the house while shooting some video and outfit pics in a skirt and it was awful. I returned it.

Duracell Lithium Batteries – My camera remote stopped working while trying to shoot outfit photos and I didn’t have any of the correct size on hand. Fashion bloggers worst nightmare.


Batteries promptly went into my Amazon cart. No, I didn’t run to the store for a battery. I limped through the photo shoot with a different size battery that seemed to work at the time but it’s better to use the correct one. I had the correct ones in a couple of days, just in time for the next photo shoot.

Odor-Neutralizing Unscented Natural Hand Soap by Kirk’s  I have an allergy to Methylisothiazolinone. It’s contained in most hand soaps and shampoos. I had eliminated it from everything but hand soap. I couldn’t find one that was allergy free so I was using Dove bar soap at the bathroom sink and taking a risk at the kitchen sink. (It doesn’t bother my hands, only my face if I touch it after using a soap with it.)

Bar soap makes such a mess in the holder and on the countertop  so I was over the moon excited to find this soap! And the best part is that it eliminates odors, so it’s great for the kitchen where food odors may seep into your skin.


Brazilian Joia Dry Shampoo This stuff smells like heaven and is such a treat. A worthy splurge in my book if you use dry shampoo.


Locking earring backsI have a hard time keeping earrings in, especially in my left ear. These seem to do the trick at holding my earring in place. I already had a set but it’s frustrating to find them in the mornings, so I ordered an extra set. I don’t have to swap them as often and have a better chance of locating a set with multiples on hand.


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Linking up with Prime Purchases. I can’t wait to see what you primed.