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What I Read in February 2021

With all the overtime I worked last month, there wasn’t much time for reading. I should probably title this post “what I listened to in February” because three of the four books were audio books.

I managed to get in two non-fiction books, a thriller, and a romance. I never thought I’d say this but the romance/chick lit was my favorite. Maybe because I just needed an escape from the stress when I had a chance to listen.


Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man by Emmanuel Acho I saw this was recommended by Oprah and decided to read it for another perspective on race issues. It’s written in a conversational tone and easy to read. By the way, I’m not into sports so I had no idea who Emmanuel Acho was before reading his book. He addresses some hard issues and makes some plausible points. The first step in addressing an issue is to listen and have conversations. I read on Kindle. 4 stars


Shipped by Angie Hockman

I listened to this on Scribd. It’s a super cute romance that forms between workaholic Henley and her coworker Graeme when they are sent on a cruise to develop new marketing ideas for their company and they are competing for a promotion at the same time. This was a fun and entertaining story. 4 stars


The Guest List by Lucy Foley

I’ve read The Hunting Party by Foley and was eager to read this one, or listen to I should say. I listened on Scribd. I struggled to get through this one because the plot and scenario was almost identical to The Hunting Party- a group of friends and acquaintances on a remote property and someone gets killed. I thought there was too much unnecessary background on the shallow characters and although the plot twist at the end was a clever surprise, it took way too long to get there. Just like The Hunting Party, the story is told through the point of view of multiple characters. 3 stars


Cultivate: A Grace Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life by Lara Casey

I invested in the Cultivate Goal Planner this year and thought it would be interesting to read Casey’s backstory and further explanation on what the Cultivate planner system embodies. I listened on Scribd. Lara Casey narrates the book herself. It’s biblically based, encouraging and has a heavy emphasis on gardening and how she translates that to having the life you want. 4 stars


And that’s the short list for this month. I’m about 100 pages from finishing an over 400 page book that I read mostly in February, and that’ s a major feat for me to read a book that long with no audio help. I’m also reading a couple of other non-fiction books at the pace of a chapter a week, so I’m actually getting in a little more reading than what is reflected here.

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