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What’s On My Amazon Prime Wish List

I challenged myself to a no spending month in January. It wasn’t a $0 spending month because there are obvious needs- grocery, gas, etc. But it was a challenge for me not to buy any clothes, home decor, craft supplies, beauty supplies, or anything that was not a necessity unless I bought it from gift cards or Christmas money.

So, how did I do? I spent $4.01 cash on January 30, at the Dollar Tree. I bought some taper candles, Valentine’s stickers and a tree topper for my mini Valentine tree. I could deduct it from my Christmas money and call it a successful $0 spend month.

My no spending month meant there were not many Amazon packages arriving at my house. And it was kind of nice for a change to not have to deal with “stuff,” returns, and the recycling of the boxes and packages. I was able to spend my time on other things.

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What I Primed in January 2024

We got our regular subscribe and save order, but I skipped several items that I really didn’t need this time. I did not skip these protein bars. They are so good and have less sugar than most.

Besides the subscribe and save order, the only thing I purchased was Scrapbook Adhesives glue runner. I’ve been making cards and trying to use my craft stash. I didn’t want to run out of adhesive so I purchased a glue runner and refills with a gift card that I had cashed in credit card rewards for, so still no money spent.

What’s On My Amazon Prime Wish List

I still have some Christmas gift cards to spend and some things that caught my eye along the way, so I thought I’d share what’s on my wish list.

Bootcut/ flare leg Yoga Pants

I have one pair of flare leg leggings and love them. But they are a bit long for me, so what excites me about this pair is that they come in various lengths. Perfect for us petites!

Half Zip Cropped Hoodie

Many of my hoodies have become too small and too worn. I’d like to replace a couple of them with cropped half zip hoodies.

Top Squeeze Eye Glass Case

I have one that’s worn out and the metal in the top is sticking through the side. I really need to replace this.

Hair Brush Cleaner Tool

Do you keep your hair brushes clean? I let this chore go far too long without doing, and I’m a sucker for gadgets, so I think I need these.

Crewneck Lantern Sleeve Sweater

Love the sleeves on this sweater!

Knit Puff Sleeve Blouse

I’m also a sucker for puff sleeves.

Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen for Face, Non-Chemical BB Cream

For days when I want to wear minimal makeup and get out the door fast. I was recommended by one of my favorite beauty you tuber influencers.

Do you keep a running wish list on Amazon? or elsewhere?

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