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3 Stylish Leopard Pump Outfits for the Office

Do you wear leopard pump outfits to the office? Leopard pumps are totally acceptable in an office environment.

Stick with a modest heel height for the office. A three inch heel is my max and go to. Leopard is now considered a neutral and it goes with everything. I’m on my second pair.

I literally wore out my first pair from wearing them so much. Leopard pumps are a fun way to add a little punch to your office attire.

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Here are three ways to incorporate them into your office outfits. The first two outfits show off my new leopard pumps that I raved about.  I can’t believe I’m just getting around to sharing them. Sadly, they are sold out.

They are the Vince Camuto Langer pump if you want to search for them in the future or need them in another color. I love them because they are an almond toe, which has a little point toe vibe but provide more toe room that pointed toe pumps. They are really comfortable for an eight-hour day too.3 stylish leopard pump outfitsPin

1. Pair leopard pumps with red and/or floral.  For a long time I thought of leopard for the fall, but with the right pieces they can be worn year round. The red, blue and floral give this a nice summer vibe.

leopard pump outfit with red pantsPin

Pants- JCPenney  option/  trendy option

Blazer- Thrifted  option option

blouse- Nordstrom  option option

earrings- option

leopard pumps- DSW  option option option 

2. Wear leopard with green. This bright kelly green jacket works great with navy and provides some color and summer vibes to an otherwise plain office outfit. The leopard pump kicks it up a bit, but it’s still professional attire.

leopard pump outfit with greenPin

Jacket-(old)  option 

lace blouse- JCrew Factory  option

pants- Loft  option

leopard pump – DSW

necklace- option

earrings- Macys  option

3. Pair a leopard pump with a grey suit. I’m throwing it back here about four years to my red hair, but I still like the outfit. I might ditch the purse this time because my two leopards clash a little, but either print alone works with the grey.  Leopard prints come in dark or light bases. Find the one that works for you. These are my old shoes that I wore out and you notice they are darker than my new leopard pumps above.

leopard with greyPin

Blazer/skirt- old  option  option

top- old  option

purse- old option

pumps- DSW

necklace- Forever21  option  option

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