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30×30 recap




Here’s all 30 outfits in one place. Look HERE for the original pieces. You can check each post September 1-30 for outfit details.

My thoughts? Doing this really got the creative juices going on putting together outfits and using pieces in ways I had not worn them before. I was able to put together way more than thirty outfits, but by about day 20 I was really bored with these pieces. I in no way want to limit my wardrobe to 30 pieces or even 37 for three months. I’ll admit it’s an intriguing idea but I just don’t think I could do it. I have such a super conservative dress code for work that I needed more pieces than 30 combined for personal and work gave me. Some days I even need more flexibility for work- pants are better for some activities I will be performing than skirts and some days casual attire is allowed (but it’s not attire I’d blog about- it’s like standard uniform khakis and polo or button down and safe, functionable shoes, not anything I consider fashionable.)

I got really bored with the lack of options for off duty attire. I feel like I wore the same pair of jean three times a week. I didn’t really but close. Some of the extra outfits were created from these thirty pieces and a couple of times I pulled something else from the closet to go with them. (Not all of the extras got photographed so they are not pictured.)

I did like the ease of having outfits put together ahead of time and having less options actually made that easier so I have given some consideration to the capsule wardrobe but instead of trying to limit myself entirely and packing away other things, I’ll just be using the concept for creating outfits in the future with no self commitment to wearing only those items for a set number of days.

AND shoes- I love shoes. I did not like limiting my shoe choices. Shoes are accessories and some of my outfit ideas needed different shoes.

I hope that I don’t come off as spoiled. I readily admit I have too many clothes and shoes and if God only blessed me with thirty items to wear, I’d happily wear them as I trust he would also give me peace and contentment in that. Thank you Lord for clothing me AND giving me options in that.