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Rust orange and teal- fall color for the office

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Blazer- Old  option  option

blouse- Limited  option  option  option

pants- JCPenney (on sale) option

shoes- Payless  option  option

belt- Belk option

necklace- JCrew Factory   option

earrings- Cato- option

I could wear this outfit over and over again. I loved it that much. It’s another pairing of teal and orange and it’s a fall favorite. There is also a bit of navy blue in the blouse so I’m sure you will see this top again in another color scheme but I’m loving this one for now. I love it when a top has colors and prints and tells me just what to wear with it. The cognac brown belt and pumps work beautifully with this color scheme.

Sorry to cut it short but you know it’s the most wonderful time of the  year, so that means a juggling act to get it all done.

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