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5 Fashion Items to Embrace: Because Summer is Here

It’s two days until the official calendar date of summer. I believe summer arrived sometime in May here and it’s only gotten hotter and hotter. Monday and Tuesday were brutal here. Nonetheless, I love summer and summer fashion. Here are five of my favorite summer fashion items.

Some of these are classics that return each summer season. These pieces and accessories scream summer and there is no mistaking that you are summer ready when you add these to your closet.

Straw bags

One summer trend that never gets old is a straw bag or tote. Different shapes may come and go as trends change but a straw bag will forever be a classic summer item. Whether you choose a circle bag, basket bag or a striped tote with a little color, a straw bag will add instant summer vibes to an outfit.

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I know- sandals are a no-brainer. They provide some foot protection without overheating the body and are one of the oldest forms of footwear. There are so many cute sandals and variations. I find it hard to narrow my choices when it comes to sandals. I want all-heeled sandals and flat ones, but my favorites are those I can slide my feet in without any effort.

Pull On Shorts- The Summer Fashion Item of 2021

Because we’ve been spoiled by the pandemic and a need for comfortable lounging clothes, pull-on shorts, and pants aren’t going away anytime soon and are one of the strongest summer trends. As we get back into going and doing, we want to look good but still enjoy comfort. There is nothing better for venturing out in the heat than pulling on shorts, particularly those in a linen blend. Colorful or neutral, these are a great no-fuss option for getting dressed quickly. With an elastic band or stretchy waist, you can overindulge at that backyard barbeque and still be comfortable in these shorts.

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A LWD- Little White Dress

A dress is a summertime must. A crisp cotton dress is perfect for beating the heat and white screams “cool” and summer.


Linen is the ideal breathable summer material. Sure it wrinkles but it’s worth embracing. Summer is a more laid-back season so who cares about a few wrinkles? I’ll take all the linen tees, blazers, shorts, pants, and dresses I can get.

What are your favorite summer items?