Monthly book reviews

The Top 21 Books of 2021

I’m finishing up 2021 with 74 books read. I set a goal of 60 books so I could focus on some other elearning and classes that I would not count as books read, but still…

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The Books I Read in November

Did I read books in November? Yes, I did, and some of them were very good, but the last half of November was such a blur for me that I have to stop and think…

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My Favorite Holiday Romance Books

Do you like to read books written for the season you are in? Beach reads for the summer? Winter and holiday themes for the winter? Or do you like the opposite- escaping to a tropical…

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The Books I Read In October

Last month was a good month for reading. I didn’t read any non-fiction but read some very good thrillers and a couple of coming of age stories. Let’s jump right in to the reviews. I…

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The Books I Read In September

Last month I managed to get in little more reading, or should I say listening?  I was on the road a bit for work so it gave me lots of listening time. I love a…

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The Books I Read in August

August was another light reading month for me. Instead of reading, I completed some more online classes related to the blog. I am still on track to reach my reading goal because I set it…

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What I Read In July 2021

I only completed four books in July. I did a little more reading that that but I haven’t finished a couple of the books I started. They are on finances so I’m definitely not eager…

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