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31 Bookish Gifts for Book Lovers (Amazon, Etsy, and More)

Do you have a bookworm or book lover in your life? Odds are they love all things book related. Here are some unique bookish gifts for book lovers from Amazon, Etsy and a few more…

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4 Simple Fitness Hacks That Will Improve Leg Workouts

While this is a fashion blog, you’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of fitness if you have followed me for a very long. I also talk about the foundation of your outfit is…

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How to Save Money Fast

(Image credit) With the rising cost of everything it’s important to save money when and where possible. Sometimes we have a need or a goal and we want to save money fast. Maybe you want…

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What I Read in August 2022

Most of my reading for August consists of listening to audiobooks.  I did read a few things in print here and there and I’m working on a book in print now, but none of it…

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What I Read in July 2022

This should be “What I Listened To” instead of what I read because I’ve been doing more audiobook listening than reading lately. I still count it as “books read” and find it entertaining and relaxing…

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What I Read In June 2022

Happy Friday! It’s been a whirlwind of a week with all the sales and shopping going on. It’s time to step away from the screen and the cart and relax with a good book.

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The Books I Read in May 2022

May was a decent month for me in terms of reading. I didn’t read (or listen to) anything that was a total dud. I stuck with my usual genres- contemporary romance, crime/thriller, and a non-fiction…

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