Winter Outfits

A collection of winter outfits for the woman over 40 for both work and casual events. Your guide to the best outfits to wear this winter.

How to Rock A Velvet Dress with Confidence

As the festive season approaches, there’s a certain fabric that effortlessly captures the essence of glamour and sophistication—velvet. The mere mention of velvet fabric conjures images of opulence and timeless elegance. Its plush texture and…

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How to Wear A Quarter Zip Sweater in 9 Unexpectedly Stylish Ways

A trending piece we’ve seen from fall to winter is the quarter-zip sweater or sweatshirt. It’s yet another piece we’ve stolen from the boys and made stylish for women. In neutral colors, it can be…

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How to Wear Ankle Pants in Winter (The Secret To Not Being Cold)

Can ankle pants be worn in winter? Ankle pants can be worn in the winter in lots of chic and stylish ways. Ankle pants are a great way to achieve a trendy look while avoiding…

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How to Wear Brown Ankle Boots: 17 Stylish and Chic Ways

A few weeks ago we took a look a different types of boots for women. One of the most versatile and easiest types of boots to wear is ankle boots. Ankle boots are also known…

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19 Faux Leather Leggings Outfits to Copy Now for 2023

Have you been on the fence about faux leather leggings? I’ve had a pair of faux leather leggings for about five years now. I’ve found them to be versatile and easy to style. They can…

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Different Types of Women’s Boots: Everything You Need to Know For Great Style

Boots– the footwear we southerners anxiously await the drop in temperature for a chance to wear. Our northern friends are probably sick of them by the time spring rolls around again. Officially, boots are footwear…

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Holiday Dresses Over 40 To Impress

Not into sequins and glitter but still want to wear a pretty Christmas party dress? Or maybe you want something festive with a nod to the season for church. One of these 7 holiday dresses…

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