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12 Amazing Colors to Wear with Brown

Brown, often an unsung hero in the world of fashion, holds remarkable versatility and timeless charm. Some think it’s too plain or just ugly, but paired with the right color combinations, it can be stunning. Understanding how to pair and style brown effectively is a skill that can elevate any wardrobe. It’s a hue that effortlessly transitions across seasons, adding depth, warmth, and a touch of sophistication to any outfit. It was a trendy color last fallin various hues from camel to chocolate brown, and has carried into the winter season. 

From its ability to serve as a dependable neutral base to its prowess in creating striking combinations with a spectrum of colors, mastering the art of styling with the color brown opens up a world of outfit possibilities. Whether creating a classic, understated look or making a bold fashion statement, the knowledge of what colors to wear with brown can truly transform your style game.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Colors to Wear with Brown

Choosing the right colors to wear with brown is pivotal in crafting a well-rounded and visually appealing outfit. Brown, being a versatile and earthy color, serves as an excellent canvas for blending with various shades, enabling the creation of diverse looks. The choice of accompanying colors can either accentuate the warmth and richness of brown or create striking contrasts, adding depth and character to an ensemble. This flexibility allows for an array of style expressions, from subdued and sophisticated to vibrant and bold, making the selection of accompanying colors a key factor in defining the overall aesthetic and impact of a brown-centered outfit.

Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or simply want to elevate your everyday outfits, understanding how different colors interact with brown can help you effortlessly achieve a polished and well-put-together ensemble. In this article, we will explore some key tips and insights on selecting complementary colors that bring out the best in brown and enhance your overall appearance.

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Recognizing Brown color as a Neutral and Versatile color

Brown is a color that can be light and sandy or rich and dark chocolate. It is known for its diversity. 

Brown is a neutral color that goes well with various hues, making it a versatile option for a wide range of ensembles. It may be combined with multiple shades, from subdued neutrals to vivid brights, because of its earthy, natural vibe. Complementary colors that go well with brown can help you look better, whether wearing a heavy dark brown winter coat or a light brown, airy summertime outfit.

Undertones of Brown

Brown is a versatile and diverse color that can exhibit various undertones. The undertones in brown can be broadly categorized into warm and cool tones, each contributing to the overall character of the color. Understanding these undertones is essential in choosing the right shades that complement one’s skin tone and clothing.

Warm Brown

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Warm browns often have red undertones, giving them a rich and earthy appearance. These shades can range from deep, mahogany red-browns to lighter, chestnut hues. Reddish undertones evoke warmth and are reminiscent of autumn tones.

 Browns with yellow undertones have a sun-kissed and golden quality. These warm, yellowish browns can range from golden caramel to honey shades. They add a sense of warmth and coziness to both fashion and interior settings.

Cool Browns

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 Cool browns have ashy or grayish undertones, lending them a cooler and more subdued appearance. These shades can range from taupe and mushroom to cool-toned chocolates. Ashy browns often have a modern and neutral feel, making them versatile in various design contexts.

Browns with gray undertones are cooler and more muted. These shades can include cool taupe, stone, or even cooler versions of chocolate brown. Grayish browns are often associated with sophistication and can be used in contemporary and elegant settings.

Understanding the undertones in brown is crucial when selecting clothing and makeup. It helps individuals choose shades that complement their skin tone or achieve a specific aesthetic. For example, individuals with warm undertones in their skin might look better in browns with red or yellow undertones, while those with cool undertones may prefer browns with ashy or gray undertones.

When pairing up brown with other colors, keep in mind that a lighter shade always works better with another lighter shade of a color, and darker browns work with darker and more saturated colors or jewel tones. Warm browns work best with other warm tones, and a cool brown will work better with other cool colors. 

10 Best Colors to Wear with Brown

Often we look to the color wheel for pairing colors, but you won’t find brown there. It’s not a pure color, but a color made up of red, yellows and oranges. Nonetheless, there are many colors that pair fabulously with brown.

Shades of blue

From navy to light blue, various shades of blue can create a pleasing contrast with brown. Most of your light blues will work better with cool shades of brown, while navy is neutral and can work with all shades of brown.

1. Navy

Dark blue, like navy blue, is a great neutral color to pair with brown. 

Pair up a navy gingham shirt with a camel blazer and blue jeans for a classic outfit. Accessorize with a cognac brown purse.

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There are countless ways to wear navy and brown together. A brown top and navy blazer work well, or flip the order. Consider a navy sweater dress topped with a stunning brown coat for winter. Finish the look with brown boots or brown shoes. Or flip this script and wear a brown dress topped with a navy coat. Gold jewelry is always a great compliment to warmer tones of brown.

2. Lighter blues

Pair up a blue chambray shirt with a brown cardigan or jacket. The casual nature of chambray combined with the warmth of brown creates an outfit that strikes a balance between casual and elegant. Pair the shirt and cardigan with faux leather bottoms for a polished look.


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Pair up a blue button up shirt with brown bottoms. A twill or faux leather midi skirt makes an excellent choice for a chic look. 

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3. Cobalt Blue

Create a striking contrast with a pop of color by pairing brown with cobalt blue.

Top a pair of plaid pants with cobalt top and a brown jacket in suede or leather. Tie it all together with a brown belt and cognac shoes.

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Neutrals and Other Browns

Brown pairs well with neutrals like black, white and cream, and earth tones like sage or olive. Neutrals are the easiest colors to wear with brown.

4. Black

Yes, you can wear black and brown together. Pair black tops with a pair of brown pants, or a brown shirt with black pants. The color combo is a classic and sophisticated way to wear brown clothing.

​You can also keep the brown and black combo on top, or spread throughout the outfit. 

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5. White

It might sound like a plain brown outfit, but pairing a crisp white shirt with brown trousers can create a sophisticated look. 

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6. Brown Shades

Pairing brown with other brown shades or wearing all brown can create an elegant look. Monochromatic is always a classy way to go.

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Mix two shades of brown on top with cream or white on the bottom.

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7. Sage or Olive Green

Create a casual cool mix with cropped brown pants, blue sweatshirt and an earthy green leather jacket or blazer. Bookend the look with some green in your shoes. Embrace the casual cool attitude by keeping the overall look relaxed and easygoing. This ensemble is perfect for a weekend outing, casual gatherings, or any occasion where you want to exude a laid-back yet stylish vibe.

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Pair a brown cardigan with olive cargo pants. Choose a neutral striped top to complete the look. Accessorize with a brown purse.

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8. Burgundy

Dark brown and chocolate brown pairs beautifully with burgundy. Create a stylish look by pairing the two.

Pair a burgundy print top with chocolate brown pants. Pull the look together with a camel blazer and burgundy pumps.

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A burgundy sweater and rich medium brown trousers make a great choice. By combining a burgundy sweater with rich medium brown trousers, you create an outfit that balances warmth, refinement, and versatility. This ensemble is a testament to the power of classic colors and well-chosen pieces that effortlessly elevate your style.

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Don’t rule out the reverse. A brown plaid jacket and tan top can be great neutrals for a pair of burgundy bottoms.

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9. Red

Red is trending this year and makes a fun pairing with brown.  Top your dark brown trousers with a red sweater and finish the look with some fun red sneakers.

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10. Pink

Whether you choose a soft light shades or pink or bright hot pinks, pink makes a great choice for pairing with brown.

Pastel pink can bring feminine charm to brown trousers. Layer the sweater with a tailored camel blazer. The camel hue, a warm and neutral shade, complements the soft pink and adds a sophisticated touch to the outfit. Pair the blazer and sweater with chocolate brown pants. Choose tailored trousers for a refined appearance. The rich brown color grounds the soft pastel tones, creating a balanced and harmonious color palette. The combination of pink, camel, and chocolate brown adds depth and interest to the ensemble.

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A hot pink jacket is a great way to add a pop of color to a brown and camel ensemble.

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11. Yellow

You might consider this a wild card pairing, but yellow can be quite stunning with brown, especially warmer yellows paired with warmer brown shades.

Pair a yellow sweater with a pair of warm cognac brown trousers for a cheery winter outfit.

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Top an olive dress with a brown trench and accessorize with a yellow bag.

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12. Orange

Shades of orange, from rust to bright orange, pair well with browns and evoke feelings and images of fall. 

Pair a brown blazer with an orange top and black pants for a creative work outfit.

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Go bolder with an orange turtleneck, orange jacket and brown pants. Create some contrast with white ankle boots.

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Brown is an adaptable hue that lends itself to many styling options, regardless of your personal style. Brown offers countless options, whether combining it with vibrant hues like red or orange for a striking effect or sticking to traditional neutrals for a more understated style. When choosing colors to wear with brown, remember to consider the setting and the complexion. These suggestions can help you confidently wear brown and create cohesive, fashionable ensembles for every occasion.

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