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11 Different Types of Blazers to Elevate Your Style

This next edition of Fashion A to Z is all about blazers. Want to instantly elevate an outfit? Add a blazer! It’s the ultimate completer piece. 

But how do you choose a blazer? Like other jackets and coats, blazers come in all different styles. Choosing a blazer, or two or three, is a matter of your personal style and lifestyle needs. 

Let’s exlore the different types of blazers that you may want to consider adding to your wardrobe. A blazer can be part of many style personalities- classic, edgy, preppy. It’s just a matter of who you want to be and what message you want to send on a given day.

In this post, we will discuss 11 different types of blazers to elevate your style.

The term blazer got it’s origin from the red blazers worn by the Lady Margaret rowing club of St. John’s College, Cambridge. The jackets were bright red. Other rowing teams wore similar garments to keep the wind and chill away while on the water. Soon rowers began to wear their jackets on dry land and around campus. Later, the blazer evolved into a garment to be worn not just for rowing, but for all occasions and for the office.

Blazers come in all shapes, colors, varieties and styles. A blazer is a jacket that is not normally part of a suit, although you can have matching pants.

It will usually be of a different material than the suit coat or jacket of a full suit.

A blazer works on its own. I highly recommend that you have at least one blazer in your closet. Start with a versatile neutral like a black, navy or camel color blazer. Pick one of the different types of blazers that work with your style.

neutral blazers in different types of blazersPin

A blazer can dress up jeans and a tee and is the perfect layer for a dress or skirt outfit to knock the chill off during fall or in the chilly summer A/C. Blazers are a staple for those working in an office.

11 Differet Types of Blazers to Consider


cropped blazers/ dressy casual outfitPin

The cropped blazer is great for emphasizing the waist. It can also be a great statement piece.

Lengths may vary with cropped blazers but they are shorter than a classic blazer. As with any blazer, be mindful of where the hem of the blazer falls. The bottom will create a horizonal line that will accent what  it crosses.

If you want to hide a tummy, then you don’t want your blazer (or top) crossing right across the middle. Choose a cropped blazer that falls at the waist. 

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A cropped blazer works well with high waisted pants and with skirts. They also work well with wide leg pants to help maintain balance in your overall outfit. 

Open Front Blazer

open front blazerPin

These usually don’t have buttons to close them up but add polish to your work wear. They also often lack collars.

The open front blazer can be cropped or regular length. The open front blazer can be more flattering for women with a larger bust.

The boyfriend blazer

boyfriend blazers/ casual blazer outftitPin

These fit a little looser and are typically cut a little boxy. The length is a little longer than the traditional blazer. 

You want to look like you borrowed it from your boyfriend but it should still fit and not look sloppy. If you have no need for office attire, this is the type of blazer you should have in your closet for your casual wear.

Single breasted blazer

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This one buttons up down the center in a single row. It’s usually the most versatile and great for wearing open. 

One, two or three button blazer- Does it matter? One button gives a more casual vibe, two buttons are the most flattering worn buttoned, and three button are more formal and more difficult for petites to wear in a flattering way since they button up higher.

The majority of my blazers are single breasted, and it’s one of the most common types of blazers. You can find them in many colors and patterns. This one is great for dressing up an outfit or for wearing casually. The single breasted blazer is generally flattering to most body types.

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I don’t think I own a three button blazer! Two is really the most common and versatile, unless you shop for a suit.

Double breasted blazer

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The two sides overlap and button to one side vs down the center. This can add a little more bulk to your appearance so be careful with this one, or wear open.

A double breasted blazer is a bit dressier than the others, but can still be worn with casual items for a street style look.

Belted Blazer

belted blazerPin

A belted blazer usually doesn’t have buttons and is worn closed with the assitance of a belt. This type of blazer is great for hourglass shapes who want to accent their waist. Rectangle body types may find them useful for creating curves. 

Peplum blazer

peplum blazerPin

A peplum blazer has a flounce of material at the bottom- a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached to the waist or hem. These blazers are perfect for accenting the waist and creating an hourglass shape.

Cape blazer

cape blazerPin

A cape blazer is a very chic take on the blazer. It’s much like a vest with a cape attached. There are slits in the sleeve for the arms instead of wearing sleeves over the arms. It has the same effect as draping a blazer or jacket over your shoulders. This is a fun blazer for a night out. Wear the cape blazer over a cami and jeans, or wear it over a jumpsuit. 

Sweater blazer

sweater blazerPin

A knit blazer that is a cross between a cardigan and a blazer. It’s basically an open sweater with added seams and structure to make it llike a blazer. These have become a a popular fashion item in the past few years. These can be worn to the office, but they are great with casual outfits. 

Leather blazer

leather blazerPin

Typically open or single breasted with one, two or three buttons, a blazer made of leather or faux leather is one of this year’s biggest trends. Most of them are black or brown, but you can also get a leather blazer in a bright color. Pair one up with your favorite jeans and tee for a cool casual outfit, or pair it with a fitted skirt and boots for a professional look. 

Printed/patterned blazer

plaid blazerPin

Plaid blazers, gingham blazers and houndstooth blazers are among the most popular printed blazer styles. Floral and striped blazers are also favorites in the fashion scene. They can come in any of the first seven styles mentioned above. 

Blazer fabric types

In addition to different types of blazers, you will find blazers from a variety of fabrics. Some are more suitable for some seasons and occasions than others. 


Wool is an all-natural fiber that’s breathable and resilient. A wool blazer is great for fall and winter due to their ability to keep you warm. They tend to be more formal  and a great for the office. However, you can still pull off street style vibes by wearing a wool blazer with casual pieces like jeans and joggers.


Tweed blazers are similar to those made from wool, in that they tend to be on the more formal side and  are for keeping you warm. Tweed is a rough woven fabric usually made from wool. 

It has a soft, open texture. The fibers can be woven using a plain weave or twill weaves. Wool tweed is often woven using different colored threads to achieve dynamic patterns and colors, frequently with small squares and vertical lines.

Tweed can be very stiff but holds up well to frequent wear. Linen Linen is a natural material made from the flax plant. Linen blazers are light and breezy making them a summer favorite. These come in a variety of colors.

Cotton twill

Cotton twill is another great choice for summer due to its breathability. It’s heavier than regular cotton and helps give structure to the garment. 


A velvet blazer is also a great choice for a blazr for the winter. The more formal fabric makes velvet a great choice for the holidays and for special occasions. The soft smooth fabric has a luxurious look. Orignally made of silk, it can be made of cotton, linen, wool, mohair, and synthetic fibers, making velvet less expensive.


Often a blazer will be made of a blend of polyester ( a synthetic fabric) and other materials like wool, acrylic and nylon. When blended with cotton, polyester improves shrinkage, durability, and wrinkling.

How a Blazer Should Fit

tailor taking measurementsPin
Fashion model fitting clothes by professional designer studio, taking measurements

No matter which type of blazer you choose, there are a few key areas to note regarding fit. A blazer is such a structured garment, so fit is extremetly important.


  The seams should end at your natural shoulder. They should not fall past your shoulders. A blazer should be fitted across the shoulders, but not pull tight. 

Bust and waist

This may vary a little depending on style, but a blazer should never pull across the bust. You should always be able to button a blazer without it pulling even if you plan to wear it open. 


Full sleeves should come down to the thumb joint.


This will vary by type of blazer. The best fit is a length that stops before the widest part of your body, or falls, past it, especially if your hips are wide.

There’s no shortage of ideas for how to wear a blazer. Throw one on over most any piece. Whether you go with a button up shirt and trousers, or throw a blazer over a hoodie, a blazer can elevate most any outfit.  It’s a must have wardrobe staple. How you choose to wear it and which one of the different types of blazers you choose is a matter of personal style.