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Fashion A to Z: I for Iridescent

Have you been following along with the Fashion A to Z series? Where you curious what I would do for “I’? Some of the letters are a little tricky. I could have written about ikat or inseams, but it seemed fitting with New Year’s Eve on the horizon to talk about iridescent fabrics for “I”.

Iridescent fabric tends to change color, depending on the angle of view and lighting, often with a rainbow effect. It’s hard to capture on camera. Iridescent is also used to describe fabrics with shine and sheen. Iridescent fabrics are often used on costumes, formal gowns, and pieces for dressing up on festive occasions. The fabric is created by weaving two different colored yarns in the weft and warp.

Today I’m styling an iridescent top by Vince Camuto. This would make a great New Year’s Eve party or dinner outfit. You can certainly get this top in time because it’s available via Amazon Prime.

iridescent top for women over 40 New Year's Eve party lookPin

I’ve paired it with velvet pants and leopard pumps for even more of a festive look. Velvet is a good choice for winter holiday outfits because it’s warmer and adds texture.

iridescent top with leopard pumpsPin

I’m wearing this top in a medium. The flowy design is perfect for hiding a tummy or just for comfort if you plan on having a big New Year’s Eve dinner.

I kept the earrings simple and accessorized with a Kendra Scott fringe necklace. You could keep the shimmer going with some iridescent statement earrings. Add a moto jacket or faux fur to this look for additional warmth.

iridescent top with velvet pants New Year's Eve lookPin

Top- Amazon; pants- Loft; option; option; shoes- DSW; option; option; option; earrings- Kendra Scott; necklace- Kendra Scott; clutch- Nordstom option

Iridescent fabrics are a great way to add shine and sparkle without the mess of glitter or sequins. If a shiny blouse or garment isn’t your thing, you can always add some shine with iridescent shoes or bags.

Shop iridescent pieces:

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and the most wonderful time with family and friends! Things will be a little slow around here this week as I step away to enjoy the holidays. The next edition of Fashion A to Z will resume on Jan. 6, 2020. I might have something else in it’s place next week, or not. We will see how the week goes.

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