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What I Wore to Work Lately

With all the extra holiday preparations, travel and business, I had to let the weekly What I Wore posts go for a bit. In case you are curious, I did get dressed everyday. Can’t go to work naked, can we? I even took photos, so I’m sharing a few outfits I’ve worn to work over the past month.

work wear for women over 40Pin

A few of these were before Thanksgiving and have a fall vibe rather than a shift to winter. We also have temps that fluctuate 20+ degrees daily so you will see sweaters and them something not so warm and cozy. Use and adapt these outfits for inspiration to fit your needs.

You may be taking some time off the next couple of weeks and won’t need work wear, but pin these for later.

I wear this burgundy blazer on repeat during fall and winter. I like the berry/blue combo here. I book ended the outfit with burgundy pumps. Leopard pumps would be fun with this too.

burgundy blazer and camel pantsPin

Blouse- Amazon; pants- JCP/Worthington

I switched burgundy the bottom in this outfit and paired these pants with a mauve python print blouse. I carried on the snakeskin with the belt and shoes. My JCrew School Boy Blazer tops this off.

burgundy trousers and grey blazer work outfitPin

One of those colder days so I layered a light sweater under a suit and added a scarf.

office outfitPin

This leaf print blouse is fun to wear in the fall.

taupe suit for work outfitPin

Brown tweed pants with brown and blue. I sneak in winter pieces on warmer days by paring them with lighter pieces so I don’t roast and so I can still dress in the season.

brown and blue office outfitPin

A lot of these pieces are old and I didn’t link up many shopping links, but if you see something you’d like a link to, let me know. I’ll help you find it or something similar.