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Fashion A to Z: X for X-Ray aka The Translucent Trend

Hello and welcome back! We have reached the letter “X” in the Fashion A to Z series. When researching fashion terms beginning with “X” all I could come up with was X-ray fabric.

What are x-ray fabrics? Sheer fabrics with a translucent effect. Ah, so most of us would just be referring to it as translucent. The translucent trend has been coming on and off the scene each spring/summer since 2014. It has evolved from flowy see-through fabrics to clear plastic bags and shoes.

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The translucent trend is not one that I have ever embraced. I have too much modesty to let everything show and having to wear a second layer like a camisole under a blouse is  miserable in our hot, sticky climate. I carry too much junk around to sport the clear bag trend, although I could probably make that one work. Clear sandals- now that’s a different story. I’d love to add these to my closet.

How do you wear the translucent trend?

If this trend is your thing, then it can be done modestly.

Start with shoes, bags, and accessories.

Coats and jackets are another modest choice in translucent fabrics.

Sheer panels in skirts or sheer sleeves are a great option.

Sheer and translucent items in colors or prints tend to look a little less risque than black or white items.

Now to confuse you for a moment. I’ve talked about clear, translucent and sheer and you may think they are interchangeable, but they really aren’t one and the same. The fashion industry sometimes refers to like items as the same but let’s look at the real meaning of each. Clear is completely see through. Sheer is interchangeable with transparent- there is only a slight hindrance from seeing through the fabric due to the weave. Translucent has a complete weave that is semi see through. Translucent provides the most coverage, but not much.

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