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Fashion A to Z: K for Kimono

Welcome to another edition of Fashion A to Z. Today is all about the kimono.

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“Kimono” comes from the Japanese and originally it was the Japanese word for clothing. It then became the word for a traditional style of T shaped item of Japanese clothing.

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The kimono is not a form fitting garment, and the wearer’s body shape is of no concern. Anyone can wear one. The focus of this garment is on its elaborate patterns and sometimes embroidery. They were originally long robes like a dress or worn with long skirts or trousers. The Japanese now reserve kimonos for special occasions like weddings and funerals.

The Japanese kimono was also a symbol for the wearer’s identity. An unmarried woman wore one type of sleeve, while a man wore a different type of kimono to festivals. Family crests were often embroidered on the garment. Colors could also symbolize age or status.

For me, the kimono symbolizes the southern girl’s key to spring, summer and fall layering. The modern version doesn’t have the tie/belt that traditional kimonos have and it’s a great substitute for a cardigan when it’s just too hot. It’s the perfect piece for bringing a boho touch to any outfit.

Kimono’s can be worn with jeans:

They make great late summer and early fall outfits when paired with jeans.

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kimono with skinny jeansPin

A kimono is great for achieving a boho style look.

fall kimono outfitPin

Wear them with dresses:

kimono with dressPin

With skirts– denim skirts or fitted skirts are the best. A bright colored one works great with white jeans too.

kimono with white denim skirtPin

And of course with shorts

kimono with shortsPin
white shorts summer outfitPin
kimono with denim shortsPin
summer outfitPin

I added three to my collection last summer from Amazon, including the red and blue one above. I can’t wait to wear them again this summer. I also have this one and this one.

Shop Kimonos:

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Are you a fan of the kimono or no?

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