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20 Gifts Guys Really Want for Christmas

I originally published this guide last year, but have updated it for 2021. Sometimes it’s hard to know what gifts guys really want. They can be hard to shop for, but I’ve got you covered with 20 gifts guys will love.

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1.  Bengto stackable lunch box–  BPA free, portion size compartments. Lots of excellent reviews with a few mixed reviews that complain about the lid or utensils not staying in place, but worth a try with all the other happy reviews. I love anything compact. A carrying case is available for it as well. I have one for myself. My utensils stay in place but are a little annoying to get snapped in.

2. Work socks – The guys need comfortable work socks that keep their feet warm and dry. I’m making recommendations here based on research and reviews. It really doesn’t get cold enough here for the guys in my family to have a great need for these day after day, but these are some of the most recommended and highly rated. Merino wool is supposed to be light but warm and dry. Dry Max  Carhartt Fox River

3. Bicycle repair kit Whether your guy rides his own, or is just trying to keep the kids and grandkids going, this will be handy to have around.

4. Gerber multi-tool– My hubby says every man should have one so this should be one of the first things to consider when looking for gifts guys really want. This one has 17 tools in one. A must buy for gifts guys will love.

5. Moleskin journalMy hubby keeps these on hand for everything- journaling, to do lists, ideas, and for notes at meetings.

6. Sony noise cancelling headphones The hubby ordered a set of these during Prime days last year, and they are still going strong. He uses them at work to cut down on interruptions and has worn them to cut the grass. Recently, he has been wearing them around the house while he works on projects.

7. Camelbak backpack Another hubby recommended item! He has as many bags and backpacks as I have purses, but Camelbak is his favorite. Pricey, but will last for years.

8. Travel hammock perfect for camping or relaxing in the backyard.

9. Pleasure and Pain Book of Hot Sauce 12 pk– another fun gift for the hot sauce lover.

10. Nalgene water bottleWe have broken so many cheap water bottles, but have yet to break these.

11. Jack Black beard grooming kit– for the guy with a beard. My hubby used this until he started making his own essential oil mix.

12. Front pocket wallet Easier on the body than the bulky back pocket wallets.

13.Skull candy ear buds These are wireless and have 16 hours of battery life. The hubby was always a fan of Skullcandy when we had Android phones and he always used a wired pair.

14.Eton weather radio-  Another hubby recommended product. Great to have for power outages and storms.

15. Surefire flashlight– Yet another item the hubby says every man should have.

16. Weighted blanket My hubby has this one and it really helps with anxiety and with restless leg. If you have a restless sleeper, he will appreciate this.

17. Your guy deserves to be comfy and cozy around the house too. A pair of joggers or fleece pants will be appreciated.

18. A hoodie will be as well received as comfy joggers.

19. Sneakers Guys love their sneakers. Keep him in style with a pair of sneakers.

20. Watch hat/beanie- With COVID keeping my hubby out of the hair salon for a year, he pretty much wore one of these most of the year last year, even around the house. When we talk about preparing for camping trips, he jokes that a beanie is all you need.

The guys on your gift list would also probably enjoy a gift that they get all year long- a subscription service.

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Happy Shopping!

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