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12 Unique DIY Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas for 2023

Mother’s Day is coming. It’s right on top of us so don’t get caught off guard. Go ahead and get those gifts together.

One of my favorite ways to give gifts is to give a unique themed diy gift basket. The recipient gets more than one gift and has so much fun going through each little item and part that completes a whole.

Here are some Mother’s day gift basket ideas you can DIY. You don’t have to pay extreme prices for a premade gift basket. Make your own gift baskets. You can easily put these together yourself.

Pick a subject or hobby that the person has an interest in. Fill a basket or container with things they can use for that activity.

These simple DIY Mothers day gift basket ideas will be sure to please Mom or that special sister, aunt or girl friend in your life. Use these ideas for other occasions too. They make great birthday gifts.

Originally published in 2022, updated for 2023.

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When I refer to basket I really mean a container instead of the traditional wicker basket. The container itself can be part of the gift or a reusable item and makes it a little more unique. Keep reading to see what I mean.

Kitchen gifts for mom:

1 For the Cook

Know a mom or someone who really loves to cook? (or maybe you need a housewarming gift basket or wedding gift at some point. Kitchen gifts for mom make thoughtful gift baskets and they are useful.

Grab a colander and fill it with all the things for an Italian meal or a pasta night. The colander will serve as your “basket” and for draining the pasta.

Fill it with a box of noodles, a jar of sauce, a bread mix, a container of Italian seasoning, and some olives. Throw in some cute kitchen towels and a pasta spoon. Wrap it up with some cellophane and cute ribbon.

2 For the baker:

Baking gift basket ideas are so fun to put together. To make a DIY baking gift basket, take a mixing bowl (this one has a pouring spout) and fill it with measuring cups, measuring spoons, chocolate chips or other varieties of baking chips, a wooden spoon, oven mitt, sprinkles, muffin tin liners and more.

I’ve given baking gift baskets to my mom and sister-in-law before and both loved them.

Mother’s Day Garden Gift Basket

3 For the gardner:

Take a gorgeous pot or planter and fill it with a trowel and tools, gloves, a straw hat, and seed packet. Throw in some potting soil, hose nozzle, and plant food spikes. Mother’s Day garden gifts speak to the nature lover’s soul.

Another good idea is to use a watering can as the basket and fill it with garden tools and seed packets. You can find many of the items you need at the dollar store.

A wind chime or some decorative stones for her garden also make thoughtful gifts.

More Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

4 For the correspondent:

Is your Mom or special girlfriend the thoughtful one who always sends cards, thanks you notes and care packages? A personalized address stamp, some pretty blank note cards, stamps, and pens are all great things to put in a gift basket for mom. Package them in a pretty desk organizer or decorative storage box.  A planner is also useful to help her keep track of dates and events.  A pretty gift box will work too. Throw in a few gift cards to her favorite stores.

5 For the one who likes or needs quite time:

A cute mug, blank journal, and some good pens go a long way with someone who values quiet time. Throw in a candle for ambiance and a picture frame in case they have someone they want to reflect on or pray over during quite time. Some essential oils and a diffuser would a great idea to include as well. 

All of these items are thoughtful things to put in a gift basket for mom. Package all of this in a pretty crate they can reuse for storage. It makes a great inexpensive gift.

6 For the avid reader ( or the one who wished she could be)

Fill this cute library tote with a best seller or two of their favorite genre. A kindle would also make a great gift, as well as a kindle cover. Give her a Kindle Unlimited membership. For the one who wants to read more, or says she doesn’t have time, give her an Audible gift membership and some airpods. Other things a gift lover might like to find in that tote are a blanket or throw to snuggle under or a book light ( I have one and love it.)

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7 Manicure/pedicure jar

Grab a mason jar or one of these apothecary storage jars and fill it with all the things needed for an at-home manicure or pedicure. Throw in some hand cream, a nail file, and pretty nail polish. 

8 Spa Day Gift Basket

Grab a pretty crate and fill it with body washes, scrubs, creams, candles, a plush towel and plush robe and all the things for an at home spa experience. Other items to consider are face masks, bubble bath, and beauty products. Also consider cooking dinner or watching the kids so mom can enjoy a long soak in the tub at the end of the day. 

9 For the Jewelry lover

Wrap up a pretty jewelry dish with some essentials they didn’t know they needed; earring backs for heavy earrings, spare backs for drop or hook earrings, and necklace extenders. You might consider throwing in jewelry cleaner or polishing cloths.

10 Beach gifts for mom

Make a gift basket for Mom out of a beach tote. Fill it with a towel, sunscreen, water bottle, sunglasses, and a hat.

11 Coffee Gift Basket

For the coffee lover, take a tray that can later be used for a DIY coffee station and add some coffee mugs. Throw in some coffee beans in assorted flavors and a coffee grinder. Mom will remember you every time she enjoys her cup of coffee.

She might enjoy learing how coffee is made or how to roast her own, so a class on coffee roasting at a local coffee shop might also be great to treat her to.

12 Dog Mom Gift Basket

The die hard dog mom with think this is one of the best gift baskets ever. Grab a tote or a new bowl for Fido and fill it with all the things a dog mom can use for spending time with her best friend. Add in a leash, grooming brush and some chew toys or a rope toy or ball so Mom and dog can play together. Add some treats for the special pup and Mom too. Consider a personalized gift with their pooch’s picture as well.

There is really no end to the ideas you can come up with for the perfect basket for Mom or other recipient. Cute gift baskets make nice gifts. To make an extra special presentation, wrap your gift basket in some cellophane, tie it with a prety ribbon and add a gift tag

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What’s your favorite Mother’s Day gift basket diy idea?