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How to elevate your basics

jeans and tee outfitPin

how to use accessories to elevate your outfitPin

cardigan outfit for springPin

spring neck scarf outfitPin

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Scarf- Loft   option

Tee- Old Navy      option

cardigan (old) Old Navy option   option  option

boyfriend jeans- Loft  option

shoes- Target  option  option

earrings Kendra Scott

I think by now that we all know the easiest way to elevate your basics is with accessories.

Take this outfit for an example. It’s just basics- a grey tee, cardigan (and a plain one at that), and boyfriend jeans. You could even include the flats as a basic.

Nude flats are pretty basic for a closet. These have a little more details, but we won’t talk about that right now.  That’s another post for another time- novelty basics. Just pretend they are plain.

The one thing that really brings this out is the scarf. Yes, my little square neck scarf from Loft that you have seen multiple times already. ( Hey- I tied it a different way this time.) And then there’s the statement earrings. These arrived in my last Rocksbox. Gorgeous! But that’s it. Two little accessories take an outfit from drab to fab!

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