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9 to 5 Style

Happy Spring ya’ll! I’m so excited about today for more than one reason. I’m ready to wear full on spring fashion. Last week’s cold spell was not fun. I had to pull out sweaters and I had mentally given up on cold weather so it was not fun. I usually struggle with spring fashion, but this year I’ve added a few new pieces to my closet and I’m excited to wear them. Spring is usually a very short season for us, and then it’s full on hot and humid before the calendar even says summer, but we will see how this year goes.

Besides the fact that it’s spring, I’m excited to introduce a new feature to the blog today. I’ve collaborated with Jennie from A Pocket Full of Polka Dots to bring you 9 to 5 Style every third Monday of the month. If you need office outfit ideas, or you are looking for new ways to style your office wear pieces, then check our new feature. We will be taking turns picking an item and we will both style it for you. I can’t wait to see how this goes. I love Jennie’s fun yet polished style and I can’t wait to see how we will style the same pieces.


Welcome to 9 to 5 Style! The third
 Monday of every month Jennie of A Pocketful of Polka Dots and I will showcase a theme featuring our individual
takes on a professional look. Our aim is to inspire and show
professional style does not have to mean boring and without personality.
We hope you enjoy our 9 to 5 Style!

This month I picked a khaki or tan blazer for us to style. It is now officially spring and time to lighten up!

women's business attire with neck scarfPin

how to wear navy pantsPin

khaki blazerPin


Blazer- (old)  option  option  option

blouse- JCP  option  option

pants- Loft option  option

 scarf- Loft  option   option

earrings- old  option

shoes- Payless  option  option


I’ve styled my khaki blazer with red and navy, and pulled it all together with a blue and red scarf from Loft. I just can’t get enough of the neck scarf trend. I think I’ve finally perfected tying them, though it’s not shown here. I waited until I had already shot these pics to look up a better way to tie them. I’ve been folding into a triangle and rolling one way, but you really need to fold both ends to the center like a diamond and then fold. There are tons of you tube videos if you need help. The scarf doesn’t stay put as well the way I’ve been doing it, but the second way I’ve described is much better.


This is another square scarf from Loft but it’s much bigger than the one I featured in my blush and blue post. You can tie this one more ways than the smaller ones, so if versatility is important to you, go with a square scarf this size. I first saw this one on Jo-Lynne Shane and decided I had to have it. I’ve had my khaki blazer for years  I wondered what I had done to myself when I picked this piece for our first 9 to 5 Style post because I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly style it yet another way, but the addition of one little accessory changed the whole look.




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