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How To Get That Perfect White Tooth Smile In 2023

It’s something that many people aspire to have when it comes to their appearance – a pearly white smile. However, unless you’re fortunate enough to have good teeth, as well as know your limits on what to eat and drink, the chances of retaining that white tooth smile are slim.

However, if you’re looking to get that perfect white smile, then there are plenty of solutions that just might help fix the damage caused so far. Here are some useful tips to help get that picture-perfect white-tooth smile in 2023.

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Brush with care but with detail

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When it comes to your teeth, it’s important to brush them with care. If you brush them too vigorously, chances are, you’re going to do some damage to both the teeth’s surface enamel and the gums. 

Therefore, it’s important that you’re brushing carefully but with precision and detail. Make sure you’re still targeting all areas of the mouth, whether that’s at the roof of the gums or on the tongue where a lot of bacteria lies. Brushing regularly will also help keep the dirt and enamel-stripping debris at bay.

Try teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is always a good option for those who have yellow or stained teeth in general. If you’re a coffee lover or you’ve been a smoker for a number of years, you’ll be well aware of the discoloration that these habits cause.

Therefore, it might be useful to test out a teeth-whitening treatment whether that’s something you do at home or get done professionally at your local dentist. Teeth whitening should be done sparingly as the treatment itself can cause sensitivity and damage to the teeth.

Look at dental treatments

There are plenty of dental treatments out there that are worth considering if you’re lacking that pearly white smile. For example, getting retainers keep teeth from shifting and are often a great choice for those who want to keep their teeth straight in adulthood.

Alongside natural aging, where teeth may occasionally shift, you’ve also got the chance of wisdom teeth pushing their way through. That addition of teeth within your mouth could cause shifting to occur.

Be sure to visit your dentist

Visiting your dentist once a year is a great way of keeping up with your oral health. Not only that but they’ll be able to spot any underlying problems before they become bigger problems. Making sure to visit your dentist is something that should definitely be done if you’re not doing so already. 

If you have a fear of the dentist, look to see what accommodations can be made for you in your current dentist or look elsewhere.

Floss and mouthwash daily

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Finally, brushing your teeth is not the be-all and end-all of your oral care. Ideally, you want to be both flossing and using mouthwash daily. This is helpful in reaching those areas that the brush bristles don’t get and with mouthwash, you’re able to disinfect your whole mouth.

With these tips, you’ll be achieving that white tooth smile in no time at all. A nice white smile can boost your confidence and enhance your overall style.