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How to Look Good In A Hat

Do you secretly admire hats on others but think that you don’t look good in a hat? Let me bust that myth for you. You do look good in a hat.

The key is to find a hat that works with your face shape and body type.

If you have ever wondered “why do I look bad in a hat?” -it’s not you- it’s the hat. And it was the wrong hat for you.

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Summer is a great time to try out a hat.

There are many benefits to wearing a hat during the summer.

Bad hair day? Limp or frizzy hair from heat or humidity? Put on a hat!

Besides hiding bad hair, a summer hat provides needed protection from the sun for your hair and skin. You probably know that sun ages and wrinkles your skin, but did you know it will fade your hair color too?

One of my first motivating factors for trying a hat or head covering was to protect my red hair from fading in the sun. While I no longer color my hair red, I’m still interested in protecting my hair from the sun.

What are the best hats for your face shape?

The secret to finding the right hat is to determine your face shape. There are several guides to determining your face shape on the web.

You can also stand in front of a mirror and trace your shape on the mirror with lipstick or removable marker. I used a method that involved measuring with a tape and was shocked to find that I fall into the diamond category.

My hair stylist has told me I have a heart shape face and I consider it to be round, but diamond is between the two so it makes sense for me. No one really falls perfectly into any one category but knowing which shape you most closely align with can help when searching for a hat that flatters your face.

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If you have a round face, you need some fullness and height at the crown to balance your face.

Slant a straight brim and look for a crown that is twice as wide as your face. Avoid round crowns, floppy hats and circular shape hats. (If you need a refresher on the anatomy of a hat, this post is great.)


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Nordstrom Rack

Wear instead:

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straw fedora

If you have a square shaped face, avoid hats with a flat top or tapered crown. This means you should avoid the popular boater hat.


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similar hat

Wear instead:

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Wide brim sun hat

If you have an oblong or rectangular shaped face, avoid narrow brims and high crowns. Look for a wide brim and short crown. Avoid the bucket hat.


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Similar hat

Wear instead:

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Floppy hat

If you have a heart shaped face, diamond shape, or oval face shape, congratulations! You can wear almost any hat. If you have a heart shape face, avoid too small of a brim because it can emphasize your larger forehead, and don’t go too big either or it will make your chin look smaller.

It’s all about proportions, regardless of your face shape.

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More tips on how to look good in a hat

No matter which hat flatters your face shape, here are some more tips for looking your best in a hat.

Never wear a hat that is wider than your shoulders. Petite women should naturally wear smaller hats and fuller figured women can rock the wide brim hats.

Because your face is not symmetrical, try angling the hat to one side or the other. Never make a judgement on whether or not a hat is a fit for you based on the first time you set it on your head.

Play around with angling the hat to one side or the other, and wearing it further back on your forehead or closer to your eyes. Minor adjustments can make major differences.

Don’t cover your ears with your summer hat. A hat should stop about 1/8 to 1/2 inch above your ears. Get a hat sizer if it’s too big or shop for hats with an adjustable inside band. I also have better luck with hats that come in small, medium and large sizes vs one size fits all.

What about your hair? What do you do with your hair in a hat?

Side swept bangs look good under a hat. If you don’t have bangs, you can wear your hair straight down in soft loose curls. If you are trying to tame curly or frizzy hair, pull it back into a low bun with your hat.

Can you wear a hat with short hair?

It hasn’t stopped me! Pull some of your hair forward and out from under the hat. Wear hats with bands or scarves for a more feminine look and always wear earrings.

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Most of all, have CONFIDENCE!

Confidence looks good on everyone. If you aren’t comfortable wearing a hat, it will show.

I started wearing hats on vacations where people didn’t know me and now I’m as likely to wear one out and about around town running errands. Wear your hat around the house for while if need be to gain comfort and confidence.

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Summer hats under $100

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These tips also work for finding the best hat to wear in the fall and winter.


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