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How to Wear Animal Prints

All the kids are back in school, so why shouldn’t we take some time to learn or refresh our fashion skills and knowledge? Next up in the A to Z fashion series is animal prints. You will discover what animal prints are and how to wear animal prints.

What is animal print clothing?

Animal print is a kind of clothing and fashion in which the clothing is created to replicate the pattern of the skin and fur, feathers, or scales of animals such as the python, zebra, tiger, zebra, leopard, and cheetah.

Since the Stone Age, garments made of animal skin have been used. Proud owners slung whole animal skins over their shoulders and sewed them into clothing. But nowadays, individuals consider their options several times before looking for the actual skin.

Men’s and women’s clothing often has animal prints, popular design patterns that mimic an animal’s coat or a portion of it. If you are interested in them, you should know that many animal prints are utilized in the fashion business.

Six Popular Types of Animal Prints


You will find the term leopard used interchangeably for cheetah and even jaguar prints, but there are some defining qualities to each according to Stitch Fix.

Leopard prints have a black rosette spot with a clean center.

image of leopardPin

Cheetah print has a solid black center.

image of cheetahPin

Jaguar spots have thick edges with spots in the center.

image of jaguarPin

The leopard, indigenous to continents like Africa and Asia, gives its name to the traditional animal print cloth. Typically produced from cotton or cotton-spandex blends, leopard skin fabric designs come in various colors, including black, brown, and white spots.

The Tarzan the Apeman movie helped it gain popularity in the 1930s; since then, it has been the most frequently used animal print.

Leopard print is bold. Try to tone it down with plain fabric mostly in black or brown color and simple accessories.

leopard print skirtPin


If you’re a fan of leopard print, cheetah print could be just up your alley. You may believe that leopard and cheetah prints are all the same, but there are subtle distinctions between each one that may drastically transform the appearance. Cheetah print is more of a black outline without any brown shading, whereas leopard print is a mixture of brown and black. Cheetah print is best for those who like simpler patterns.

If you are wondering whether this print is appropriate for the office? Yes, it is. You can dress nicely in accordance with business casual and even business professional standards while wearing a cheetah blouse. 

Don’t mix cheetah print with leopard print.

Zebra Print

Due to the era’s interest in global culture and the print’s visual nature, it rose to popularity in the 1970s. Zebra designs come in various colors with white stripes and are created from cotton or cotton-spandex blends. Most high-end fashion designers create these zebra fabric designs because they go well with most shades.

Traditional zebra print has black and white stripes in a striking manner. You may find zebra print in other colors. Zebra print gives both a sophisticated and a bold look to your outfit. If you are going out with your friends at night, zebra print is best for your dress. Try to use bold colors with the zebra print. It goes well in both tops and bottoms. 

Zebra print is a little bold and more daring than other patterns. It’s got an extremely graphic design, which ensures that you won’t go unnoticed when you use it. You can dress up for a date night out by wearing a cute off-the-shoulder blouse with a zebra print mini skirt.

Tiger Print

Tiger pattern fabrics come in various colors, from black to brown with grey stripes, and are constructed of cotton or cotton-spandex blends. The most popular animal print textiles, like red, often have contrasting shades. Tiger prints have been available in unnatural shades since the 1970s.

Although many colors are available in tiger prints, the red-colored tiger print always gives a classy look.

To visualize a tiger print, see a zebra, but in black and orange. If you compare a zebra print to a tiger print, you’ll see that the former has smoother, more uniform stripes, while the latter has sharper, more irregular ones.

Giraffe Print

The giraffe is a creature that lives in the wild in Asia and Africa. Most high-end fashion designers have created giraffe skin textiles from cotton or cotton spandex blended with its unique pattern of brown spots on a lighter backdrop. It is sometimes regarded as a neutral color since it may go with any shade that is complimentary to the shade of the spots.

The giraffe print has brown patches against a light-colored background. No doubt, giraffe prints are a nice option to wear in your 40s. If you want to wear an A-line skirt, the giraffe-printed fabric is good to go. As a print, the giraffe is vastly underrated, yet it has the potential to be really stylish and is a good fit for a business casual outfit.


python print topPin

Python print is a printed cloth where the pattern is created using embossed scales resembling a genuine python’s skin. Depending on the print, the hue might range from tan to green to brown to black. When designer Stephen Sprouse utilized it for Levi’s jeans in the 1980s, it gained popularity.

The python print is an empowering print that represents strength, seduction, and sensuality. It has evolved into one of the animal-inspired prints that are considered to be chic and trendy. A midi-length python print skirt is a great option for more formal occasions, such as a church or a fancy dinner.

Important Tips on How to Wear Animal Prints

In short, animal prints in your wardrobe give you a cultured and stylish look. But always try to use this animal print clothing thoughtfully.

Here are some important tips which will surely help you to set your look with animal print clothing on fire.

  • Wear One Animal Print in One Outfit

Don’t mix two animal prints in one outfit. It will look awkward. Always try to wear one animal print in one outfit.

  • Wear Animal Prints Sparingly. Don’t over do it.

Wear just one piece at at time. If you are wearing an animal print top or blazer, you don’t need the same animal print shoes and purse. If you wear a fabulous pair of animal print shoes, there is no need to pair them with more clothing of the same print. Let the shoes be the star against a neutral or solid color outfit.

  • Tone Down the Animal Print with Plain Fabric

Don’t do the mistake of wearing animal print throughout the outfit. Try to tone down the animal print outfit by contrasting it with plain solid fabric. It will help in giving an elegant look by balancing the strongest appearance of animal print in your dress.

  • Choose classic lines in your clothing.

Opt for pencil skirts, simple a-line skirts, plain sweaters or blazers when wearing animal prints. Leave off fussy details like ruffles and embellishments. The animal print is busy enough.

Animal prints can be sexy and sultry, but don’t be too sexy. An animal print body con dress or plunging neckline might send too much of the wrong message.

  • Use Accessories Wisely with Animal Print Clothing

With animal print articles, you must use accessories level-headedly. If the animal print in your dress is too large, try to wear simple accessories. In contrast, if the animal print is small, you can wear a bolder accessory.

Am I too old to wear animal prints?

A common question women ask is “am I too old to wear animal prints?” Absolutely not. There is no age limit to wearing animal prints.

The key is to stick to classic pieces and follow the tips above. Don’t overdo animal prints at any age.

Are animal prints still in style?

Animal prints are classic prints that are always in style when worn properly. Leopard had a big time in the spotlight the past few years but it’s popularity is waning. It’s still in style if you want to wear a piece here and there or a leopard print shoe.

The popular animal print for 2022 is zebra. You will likely see more of this one and less leopard.

Another fun print that we didn’t mention is cow print.

Which of these animal prints will you be wearing this fall? Let me know in the comments below!

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