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July Purchases: Amazon Prime Day

Another month is coming to an end. It feels like this has been a long month, but I’m still a little sad to see it go. I’m not really ready to be bombarded with another season and holidays. I just want to slow down a little.

Nonetheless, the end of the month means it’s time to share another round of purchases. With Amazon Prime Day and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s been a budget busting month.

Let me clarify, by budget I mean I try to stay under a set amount each month for clothing, accessories, and shoes but going over does not put me in debt. I will not have balances on credit cards accruing interest.

I am blessed to not live that way, and I encourage you to be responsible in your spending so that all your purchases are paid for up front. I also utilize rewards systems and had Amazon gift cards this month too!

I’m also a little put out by even the best intended approaches by bloggers who say you should shop for what you need for fall in the Nordstrom Sale. Go through your closet and see what you need.

We live in America and I’m betting that if you are privileged enough to have the internet and a device to read fashion blogs on, you don’t NEED anything. You might want something new, but did you really wear holes in all your sweaters last winter?

In a 15 year period, I have only worn out, like worn tears in the sleeve cuffs and hems, of a couple of suits that I wore repeatedly to work and I’ve worn out a few pairs of shoes that saw repeated wear. I outgrew some items, haha. Oh, and I wore my tall black boots for 7 years and finally starting having wear and peeling of the leather last year so I replaced those.

But unless you follow a really minimal approach with your wardrobe, I doubt you have completely worn out very many items and you don’t NEED replacements. If you do, a sale is certainly a good time to replace.

If you have lost or gained weight, or had a lifestyle change, then you might need a wardrobe update. But for most of us, including me, we don’t NEED any blooming thing to the excess in which blogging encourages spending.

So, with that rant over, let me share what I wanted and bought this month.

July Amazon Prime Day PurchasesPin

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1- Elastic raffia belt– I was looking for a raffia belt to wear with summer dresses but I don’t wear this type of belt often so I didn’t want to spend much. This one will likely last me a few summers.

2- Hoop tassel earrings– I have been eyeing these fun statement earrings but have been worried they were a little too big. Nonetheless, I pulled the trigger during Amazon Prime Day when they were a little cheaper and I’m happy I did.

3- 5 piece pearl barrette set for $5.99 A great way to try another fun trend. Check out how I wore these in 5 Summer Trends to Try

4- Waterproof cellphone case– Not a fashion item, but a worth while Prime Day purchase. We took these on our resort getaway in case we wanted to float in the lazy river and take our phones. We didn’t, but I’m sure we can still use these. These would have been handy on some of our previous hikes when we were caught in the rain. We will take them on future hikes and camping trips.

5- Lifestraw- Another Prime Day purchase for our hurricane prep kit.

6- Beaded tassel earrings– another fun splurge. It’s too hot for a lot of jewelry in the summer, so I love a fun statement earring. You don’t need much else.

7- Bird tassel earrings– These are so fun. Ignore the eyeball ones in this listing- creepy, but the birds are so cute.

8- Belted wide leg jumpsuit- I ordered this in a large, so I’d say it runs small. It’s not very stretchy so it’s not super easy to get on and off, but with the button front top it’s doable and wearable. Post featuring this coming soon.

9- TruSkin Vitamin C serum I love how Vitamin C serum brightens my skin. I got this at almost half off during Prime Day!

10- Comfort Colors tank top- I got two of these as a daily deal during Prime Days to wear with the striped pajama bottoms. I’ve been looking to add some pajama bottoms and lounge shorts as I don’t have very many and these ones I have are faded and worn. These are soft and comfy.

11- Two pack sleep shorts– These are so soft and comfy. I ordered an x-large but could wear a large. I’d normally wear a medium, but I say size up for comfort. These were also on sale during Prime Days.

12- Leopard pajama set– This is actually a leopard and star print, but I didn’t notice the stars at first. Go figure. These are cute and comfy. These come in other fun prints like coffee, buses, flamingos and pineapples. I might grab another set soon. I read something really gross about most people sleeping in the same pajamas for three weeks or more in a row. That just grosses me out. I’m working on stocking up on pajamas so that doesn’t happen, lol.

13- Swim top– I got this in a medium. It was comfy and stayed in place during our recent resort getaway.

14- Amazon Essentials tee swing dress- So comfy. I love throw on and go dresses like this in the summer. Size medium.

15- Straw tote- This one is a decent size, and not overwhelmingly large like some I’ve seen.

16- Sun Bum sunscreen– A decent clean sunscreen without lots of junk ingredients. We bought a lot of sunscreen this month. This price was cheaper than Target and I wanted to make sure we had plenty for our trip.

17- Supergoop sunscreen- My favorite! Another clean product. It was on sale for Prime Day so I stocked up.

18- Wide leg striped jumpsuit– yes, another jumpsuit. I was excited to finally find jumpsuits that fit this pear shaped, curvy bottom petite. I ordered the 8/10.

Whew, that’s a lot of stuff. Did you find anything that you want?

These are the things I purchased from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Linking with Prime Purchases. Happy shopping.