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Orange skirt take two (and a little deviation)




Shirt- Loft  option  option

skirt- thrifted  option  option

shoes- TJMaxx option

clutch- thrifted option  option  option

necklace- Lulus  option option

Okay, I admit it – I cheated a little on my 30×30. These shoes aren’t part of my 30×30 choices. I could have just taken photos with the leopard pumps on and you would not have known any better, but I’m being real and honest and posting exactly what I wore. Whenever I wear bright colors or two sharp contrasting colors, I like to keep the shoes neutral with nude. And I’m tired of rotating out the two pairs of heels. One thing I ‘ve learned from this 30×30 challenge is that I don’t like being limited on shoes. Shoes are accessories for me.