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What Does Fashion & Fitness Have In Common?


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You don’t have to be in perfect shape to look wonderful. Moreover, you don’t have to look great to be in shape either, as you can still have fantastic physical capability without washboard abs or bulging biceps. For this reason, it might seem as though fashion and fitness are inherently unrelated, or at least operating in different fields from one another.

But the truth is, focusing on one can often help you manage your approach to the next. If you’re fit and healthy, you may walk a little taller, feel a little better, feel more inspired to try fashion risks, or perhaps dress for your happiness as opposed to looking good for other people.

The same goes for fashion. If you’re focused on looking good through fashion, then you’ll know good tailoring can be carefully considered for every body type. It might mean you need more support in some areas and less in others, and that kind of detail-oriented thinking might help inspire you to take good care of yourself. After all, it’s you who’ll make the outfit, not the other way around.

Let’s consider, then, how these two fields can support one another and enrich your life. We’ll also discuss how to go about such an approach.

The Relationship Between Fashion and Fitness

An Understanding Of Your Body

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Fashion and fitness both inspire you to develop body consciousness, in the best and healthiest way. Put simply, if clothing fits you well, and you feel comfortable in it, then it helps to express who you are. 

When you’re focused on working out, you tend to become aware of how you move, your flexibility, any challenges you face, and the limitations that we all have. This way, you can handle yourself more easily and comfortably. This can help you feel a little more aware and appreciative of yourself, becoming your own biggest advocate through both practices.

A Focus On Self-Care

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Fashion can be self-care, in that it gives you the chance to express yourself and who you are, and to celebrate your day to day. Moreover, fitness is an investment in who you are, and your growth into the future. Both are fantastic at improving your self-confidence, but also making your approach to self-care that much more important in your mind.

This way, you might also be more inspired to use multiple services & treatments to help you feel your best, such as a sports massage to help work out that knot in your shoulders, or skincare to treat any acne, rashes, or skin conditions you might have (even if you just need a little more exfoliation). This way, you feel more confident and comfortable caring for yourself, instead of dismissing yourself solely so you can care for others.

Athleticwear Is Fashion, Too

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Sure, you might not dress your best for a sweaty workout, and no one would accuse us of not looking our best in the middle of a five-mile run. That being said, fashion and the attention to detail it provides us can inspire our approach to dressing well. Athleticwear, from yoga pants to simple wear you use for running, can all have a positive effect.

Moreover, you’ll have focused on certain necessities to gain better performance and the support you need. That might involve wearing running shoes that help your flat-footed dimensions, or perhaps knowing that you prefer to run without pockets, so you use an armband holder for your smartphone to track the number of miles you run and keep your tunes on the go. In other words, focusing on what you wear and how you go about it is a fashionable choice, because fashion is not solely about style, but function too.

Understanding That Perfection Doesn’t Come Overnight

One of the great things about fashion is that it’s never “done,” and that there’ll always be something new tomorrow. That helps you be patient, and never seek to perfect your style in a day. Understanding that perfection doesn’t come overnight will help you experiment with what you do have, learn lessons, and try anew.

That goes for fitness, too. Working out is tough, and it takes time to perfect your form, to improve your strength and endurance, and achieve your fitness goals such as losing weight or building muscle and capability. Giving yourself room to experiment, perhaps to see if running, swimming, weightlifting or cycling is your jam, can help you learn something about yourself and understand a little more about what works for you. If you practice this mindset with both pursuits and then take such insights elsewhere, you may be surprised just how well it supports you.

A Chance To Connect

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Fashion and fitness aren’t just about looking good or staying in shape, but using them as life improvements and a method of connecting. For example, heading to a fashion show or going shopping with your friend, can all be fun, and help you bond. Heading to the gym with someone you appreciate can also be inspiring, especially if you’re on a fitness journey together.

Moreover, these are topics that many people care about because they speak to who we are, how we like to express ourselves, and what we want to achieve in the future. It’s about finding common ground, supporting each other’s goals, and celebrating successes together. They’re great conversational topics and can help you demonstrate what inspires you, and what your tastes are.

To conclude, the relationship between fashion and fitness is far more intertwined than meets the eye, especially to begin with. While they may appear as separate focuses, they share a common thread of self-expression, self-care, and personal growth. Understanding your body, focusing on self-care, and embracing athletic wear as a form of fashion are just a few ways in which investment in either can help you.

Odds are you’re more experienced in one of these than you are in the other. So, why not use the insights you’ve learned to improve in the other field? Doing so can not only help improve your wellbeing and confidence but you may be surprised just how many transferable skills you have already.