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15 Spring 2024 Fashion Trends You Can Wear Over 40

The stores are releasing spring items and it’s time to talk about one of the most exciting topics in fashion- spring trends. Spring and fall tend to be the seasons in which trends make the biggest change and the seasons in which the trends are the most polarizing. It’s no wonder this topic is one of the most anticipated.

A Few Things to Consider About Trends

Is it a trend or a fad? Sometimes it’s hard to say if it’s one or the other but trends typically evolve gradually over time and can last for several seasons or even years. Fads on the other hand, are short-lived, temporary crazes or enthusiasms for particular styles, designs, or items. Fads tend to emerge suddenly, gain rapid popularity, and then decline just as quickly. Trends often reflect changes in consumer preferences, designers’ influences, and global events.

To be clear, we’re talking about trends today. Many of the spring 2024 fashion trends are repeats of last year’s trends, and even trends from last fall. They are just continuing with a stronger presence this year. I don’t think there is anything that is so “new” that it will be a surprise.

The Spring 2024 Fashion Trends You Can Wear Over 40

Let me preface this to say you can wear whatever you like, regardless of trends or age. Wear the cuts and colors that flatter you and your outfits will work at any age. If you want to stay on the more modern side of fashion and not look outdated, then consider adding a trend or two each season.

1. Lady jackets

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Image via Loft

We started started seeing these jackets last year and they are an even bigger trend this year. A lady jacket is actually a timeless piece having roots with Chanel, but the extra attention it’s receiving makes it a current trend. It’s a short to cropped, boxy but very feminine collarless jacket, often made of knit, boucle, or tweed. Tweed is also trendy right now, so grab one in tweed for an extra dose of trendy!

You will love this piece if your style is classic, but other style personalities can incorporate it into their wardrobe. To make it seem less prim and proper, or stuffy, pair it with straight or wide leg jeans, a t-shirt and loafers.

2. Cropped tops and toppers

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In order to balance wide leg bottoms and longer hemlines, tops and jackets have become increasingly shorter. Thus cropped jackets and tops are trending. We’re not talking about cropped tops that your teenager would wear (although that’s a thing too) but instead jackets and tops that hit just at the waist or just a little below. Your basic button up has gotten a makeover by being shortened.

3. Denim

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Denim EVERYTHING is on trend. Midi and maxi skirts, denim dresses, denim jackets, denim blazers. Dark wash denim is beginning to have a moment again, even though we typically lighten up for spring. A micro trend within this is what I’m calling “refined denim“-tailored blazer, trousers, skirts and suits in dark wash denim.

4. Cuffed jeans

Huge, exaggerated cuffs on jeans of all sihouettes is the newest trend for spring. Like it or love it? It might be difficult for shorter women, so definitely keep your rules for vertical proportions in mind.

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Image from Evereve

5. Wide leg jeans and pants

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By now, we all know this is the most fashion forward trend in pants. Wide leg silhouettes are everywhere. Be sure to check out my post on How to Wear Wide Leg Jeans Like A Pro.

6. White dresses/ white suits

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The “LWD” or little white dress is predicted to be a big trend this spring and summer. Not all skin tones look good in pure white, so pick the white that suits you best. You might need to modify to an “off-white” or ivory. If a dress isn’t your thing, opt for a white pantsuit.

7. Sheer skirts and dresses

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Image source

Sheer skirts and dresses or the like with a sheer layer is another predicted trend. Sheer clothing has been a recurring trend in fashion, often making appearances in various forms on runways and in street style. Although it comes up over and over, I don’t see it ever making it as a big trend in mainstream fashion. The easiest way to wear this trend mainstream is with sheer sleeves or accents on clothing, or a sheer top over a camisole or bralette. Sheer overlays on skirts and dresses make it more wearable too.

8. Power dressing/ corporate

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Power dressing is a fashion trend that emerged in the 1970s and gained significant momentum throughout the 1980s. It is characterized by professional attire designed to convey authority, confidence, and success in the workplace and other formal settings.

Power dressing often involves tailored pieces such as blazers, trousers, and pencil skirts with clean lines and structured silhouettes. These garments are typically well-fitted to accentuate the body’s shape and convey a sense of professionalism. The pencil skirt, which is always a classic, is predicted to be a spring and summer trend. And if a skirt or suit isn’t your thing, you can still be on trend with one piece from this one- trousers. Trousers are a huge trend right now.

9. Bows and Rosettes

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I included both of these into one category since they involve embellishments. Both were predicted to be trendy last spring and fall, but they didn’t make it to be that heavily noticed or available in mainstream stores.  I guess they are trying again, but I haven’t noticed them with a heavy presence yet. Bow details are easier to find than rosettes. If you love these details, look for pieces with them but I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on having them just because they are supposed to be a trend. Rose prints are also supposed to be trendy.

10. Preppy

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Image via Ann Taylor

I’m definitely seeing this one in stores. Collared tops, polo shirts, button up shirts, loafers, and nautical stripes are all readily available. If this is your style personality, rejoice! You are right on trend.

11. Sporty Vibes

Sporty vibes are also in abundance, even with classic retailers like Ann Taylor. Throw on a baseball cap and you are good to go! You can even combine sporty and preppy vibes together for the most fashion forward spring look. Instead of sneakers, wear loafers with your sporty attire.

12. Metallics

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Metallics are sticking around for spring. Silver was big for winter, but all metallics are pretty mainstream for spring.

13. Shorts


Typically reserved for summer, shorts are already at the forefront of new arrivals in stores for spring. Wear them with blazers and as matching suits for a modern vibe.

14. Sling back shoes

Give your traditional pumps and flats a rest, and opt for a sling back shoe for a modern update.

15. Kitten heels

Not my favorite, but these are sticking around for another season. I can get into kitten heel sandals more than pumps. Combine sling backs and kitten heels in one shoe for ultra trendy footwear.

Which trends will you be adding to your wardrobe this spring season?

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