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What I Wore Lately: Office Outfits

Hey there! It’s time for another edition of what I wore lately. It’s heavy on office outfits because that’s pretty much all I do. I spend weekends in work out wear, joggers or leggings. I have a couple of casual outfits in here but it’s mostly office outfits.

Winter Office OutfitsPin

Most of my work wear is old. I’ll link a specific item if I can and will include a widget at the end for finding similar pieces if there is something you want to add to your closet. If you don’t see something, leave me a comment or send me an email and I’ll be glad to help you shop for an outfit.

Blazer+sweater+grey ankle pants+houndstooth shoes

Somewhere on the net I saw green and grey together and was reminded of how good it works together. I’ve had these fun bow houndstooth shoes for a few years and they add a fun touch.

grey blazer and green sweater office outfitPin

Black pants+black sweater + gingham blazer + red shoes

Mostly black with a pop of color is a great combo for adding interest.

black office outfitPin

Cardigan + print top + camel pants + loafers

I wore this top and cardigan to a doctor’s appointment with jeans (next photo) and then changed the bottom half for work.

cardigan outfit for officePin

Cardigan + print top + jeans + booties

casual fall outfitPin

Plaid blazer + ivory top + rust pants + leopard mules

plaid blazer women's outfitPin

Graphic tee + plaid shirt + grey jeans + sneakers

My family got together at my parent’s house for their birthdays at the beginning of December. I was also putting up Mama’s Christmas tree that day so comfortable was desired goal.

graphic tee casual outfitPin

Grey blazer + shell/tank+black pants + peep toe booties

women's office outfitPin

Grey blazer + burgundy top + grey pants + plaid loafers

These loafers are new and will be on repeat this winter. If you need more warmth for your feet, you can wear your loafers with socks. I used to wear the thinner trousers socks with pants and flats all the time. Some people may call them dress socks.

grey blazer office outfitPin

Red blazer+ print top + navy pants + cognac flats

My husband told me I looked “Christmas-y.” That wasn’t what I was going for but I guess that’s the assumption when you wear a red blazer in December.

red blazer outfitPin

Burgundy blazer + print top+ olive pants + burgundy flats

olive pants office outfitPin

Tan suit+ print top

When I’m tired and don’t know what I want to wear, I always reach for a matching suit for work.

women's matching suitPin

Navy blazer+ solid top (green) + navy pants + plaid loafers

plaid loafers outfitPin

Ruffle top + black ankle pants + burgundy flats

ruffle print topPin

Grey suit + fuschia sweater + pumps

Another matching suit day

women's matching grey suitPin

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