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Top Tips for What to Wear for your Perfect Spring Pictures

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It’s that time of the year again: spring photo session time.

Spring season is a great time for a family photo session.

The only catch? It can be overwhelming to plan what to wear for spring pictures as you have to ensure that every member of your family looks their best and that no one’s outfit clashes with the others in the photographs.

Spring family photo shoot

While nothing great comes easy, we can take some load off your shoulders with this guide and top tips which will help you dress to impress.

But first —

Here Are Some Things To Consider


Is the weather outside chilly? While you may be tempted to get a coat, don’t.

And no, we don’t mean that you risk catching a cold. There are still options for what to wear for spring pictures when it’s chilly outside.

Coats hide your gorgeous outfits and make you stand out in an unpleasant way. So, try a chunky knit, cardigan, or scarf instead. These extra layers will add visual interest and depth to your photos and make coordinating outfits a breeze.

Outdoor spring family photo shoot

Time of Day

Natural light, which may have cool or warm tones depending on the time of day, influences how your photos look. The days are longer during the spring, so you can enjoy the golden hour for longer. Golden hour is a perfect time for using natural light for stunning family pictures, but does this work with your family’s schedule? The last hour of the day might not be the best time for cranky little ones who need a nap.

You can also use a diffuser, such as the shade of the tree, to avoid making your photo overly bright. The gorgeous clouds right after a shower of rain come at a close second, creating an awe-inspiring look straight out of a Pinterest mood board.

Location of Photo Shoot

Indoor location family photo shoot

Where are you having the photoshoot?

●      Inside your home? If so, make sure your outfits stand out and don’t clash with the decor.

●      Outside your home? Try creating a contrast in colors with the landscape.


A new pair of shoes is great for commemorating the event, but because they’re stiff, they can be uncomfortable. The same goes for stilettos. They may look cute with the look, but they’ll keep sinking into the ground which can not only restrict movement but also spoil your mood and your spring family photo shoot.

The takeaway? Make sure the footwear works for the environment where you are taking your photos. Wear footwear that’s broken into, and carry comfy flats with you.

As for the menfolk, cowboy boots, Chucks, and Vans are all good options.

If you have a little one, allow them to walk barefoot as much as possible. However, if it’s too hot, you can dress them in socks or moccasin-type shoes to protect their feet.

What To Wear For Spring Photos


Consider the fabrics you are dressing in. Fabrics that skim the body will be more flattering than fabrics that cling.

The best advice? Stick to clothing that you are confident in.

Dresses that hug you in all the right places (Kim K, we’re looking at you) might appeal to you, but they can restrict your movement and make you appear uncomfortable. They will also show off every bump, lump and bugle. Your photographer an only do so much with photoshop before you lose a natural look.

It’s a good idea to avoid anything shiny. Shiny fabrics typically cling to problem areas that can look unflattering in photographs.

Avoid clothing you’ll be tugging and readjusting with every pose, and stick to light dresses in fabrics that skim the body. Flowy dresses are the best choice as they add movement to the shots and make them look like a dream.

On the other hand, dads can rock neutral or jewel-toned henleys, button-downs, jeans, simple T-shirts — basically, anything they’re comfortable in.

Pro tip: Not a fan of simple? Change out of your comfortable clothes and wear a fresh outfit when you arrive at the shoot. Carry a pop up tent to change into different outfits (if your family has the patience, or if you realize something just isn’t working.) You can change up your photo just by having one family member change outfits.

Colors To Wear in Spring Pictures

You can wear a wide range of colors to complement the bright and warm colors of spring. That said, we suggest you dress according to your color profile to brighten your skin. Add some variety in texture and clothing types to make the shoot a roaring success. 

Best Colors for Outside

Neutrals like ivory, tan, gray, white, and cream are your go-tos. They tone down the look and create a contrast, making your outfit look more subtle and sophisticated.

You can also mix in pastels or lighter colors such as blue, blush, coral, lilac, peach, pink, sage green, and yellow. If you prefer darker hues, you can’t go wrong with navy and burgundy which stand out in photographs regardless of the season.

Best Colors for Inside

This depends on your indoor decor.

At some point in your life, these pictures will go into frames on your walls.

So, choose colors that go well with your indoor aesthetics. If you’ve got light decor, you can sneak in a bold color like black. However, ensure that the whole family is not wearing all black as it will make your photographs look flat.

Pro tip: Keep the logos out. Your style is the only thing that should speak to people, and logos take that away from you. They make you represent a brand instead of highlighting your family. Focus on how you want to be perceived by people and dress accordingly.

Colors To Avoid for Pictures

While it may seem like you can’t go wrong with any color in this season of bloom, some colors can mess up your photos.

Neon colors, for example, are a big no-no. They may be eye-catching, but the tones reflect the sun which can result in a color overcast on your skin. The same goes for bold bright colors. They clash with the softness of spring and bright colors can also leave a color cast on your skin that your photographer can’t fix. Wear your bright colors on the bottom half, not next to your face.

Coordinating Family Outfits

Coordinated family outfits are a trademark of family photos but remember that everyone has their own sense of personal style. Acknowledge these differences and make allowances by coming up with a color palette of three to four light, complimentary colors. This will let you have a theme while giving everyone an opportunity to dress the way they like.

Get Inspired: Spring Photo Outfit Ideas for the Fam

Baby Blue, But It Won’t Give You the Blues

This crispy and timeless style has the mama wearing a feminine blue dress (soft chambray blue, so it won’t clash with the lighting), making her the center focus. Mom’s dress sets the stage here. Pair it with muted navy or white tones for the rest of the family and you have a family photo that will look wonderful on your mantelpiece. Mom can top her dress with a denim jacket for casual vibes.

BRB, Going Sailing (Or Well, Dressing for Sailing)

The air loses its winter chill as it moves toward spring, so you can enjoy wafts of delightful (and bearable) winds by the beachside. Dress for the occasion with crisp whites and different shades of light blues, but balance the pop of color with creamy neutrals to create a perfect look that complements the colors of spring. This color scheme of blues and whites is timeless and creates a cohesive look.

Florals for the Win

Floral dresses for mom and florals a little girl’s dress are a great option for this time of year. You can make them a go to when considering what to wear for spring pictures.

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Sometimes, playing matchy-matchy isn’t bad — as this look will show. It calls for bringing floral patterns center stage to replicate the look of spring.

Just make sure you choose a design that doesn’t take the focus away from you. Balance it with neutral colors, earthy tones, stripes, polka dots, or plaids. Mix patterns to add interest to the overall look.

Charismatic Prismatic Stripes: Gingham Edition

Gingham, also known as Vichy check, is a quintessential checkered pattern that screams spring. Use it to set the tone of your spring family photoshoot, but make sure your dresses, trousers, shoes, and other essentials are different across family members as that can tank the overall look.

White Like the Bride

Despite popular culture saying otherwise, you can wear white for spring photoshoots. It’s a classic shade that screams sophistication.

Combined with earthy neutral footwear and accessories, it creates a casual yet timeless look. Be sure the backdrop or location that you will be taking photos at will create some contrast with your white outfits.

Also keep in mind white looks best on families with darker skin tones and hair.

Where to Shop for Family Outfits

These retailers offer pieces for every member of the family and many of their items are in the same prints, colors and fabrics. They make coordinating your spring family photo outfits easy. What to wear for spring pictures won’t be a difficult task.

●      H&M: Tops, skirts, knitwear, and accessories

●      JCrew Factory: Jeans, pants, sweaters, and more

●      Old Navy: Jacket, baby clothes, maternity wear

●     Target: Slip dresses, halter tops, outerwear, handbags