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What’s My Style? Androgynous or Menswear Inspired

Welcome back to another editon of What’s My Style. We are exploring various types of personal style. If you applied the steps in the Unique Personal Style Guide and your style words are neutral, relaxed, and ambiguous or simple, classic, and neutral, you gravitate toward androgynous style.

“I think we all know boldness when we see it. Nothing makes me smile more than when I see someone being fully themselves, with their own individual style and character, whatever that is.” —Angelina Jolie

What is androgynous style?

You find it easier to borrow outfits from the boys, or at least find getting dressed easier when you stay away from the girly colors and frilly details and keep it neutral and simple. Menswear inspired outfits are your preference.

There is nothing sloppy or frumpy about androgynous style. It’s polished and classic. Ellen DeGeneres is the perfect example of this look that features menswear inspired style, as well as Cate Blanchett. The earliest roots go back to Coco Chanel and her break from skirts to pants.

While many gender neutral items or unisex clothing may be part of an androgynous wardrobe, androgynous style is actually a mix of both feminine and masculine looks.

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How to Look Androgynous: The Elements You Need

Fabrics may be wool, cotton or natural materials, but other synthetics may be included given a strong preference for suits, blazers, and tailored trousers. The fit of clothing will be somewhat looser (no bodycon dresses) but the fit is not sloppy. Button up shirts, crisp collared shirts or simple tshirts or sweaters will be the favored tops. Silhouettes are simple.

Patterns and textures like tweed, houndstooth, plaid, glen plaid and pinstripes will have a heavy influence. Neutral colors like black, white and grey may be preferred, but pops of color with simple masculine details may be found in androgynous outfits.

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Footwear may include pumps for the feminine side of the mix, but shoes like loafers, flats, lace up oxfords, and chunky boots will also be part of your menswear inspired outfits or andogynous looks.

Accessories and jewelry is kept to a minimum. A menswear inspired watch may be the only accessory, or hats borrowed from masculine styles may accessorize androgynous outfits.

Androgynous outfit ideas

Lightwash straight leg jeans + white top + suede jacket + lace up boots + newsboy cap

woman in menswear inspired outfit of lace up boots and newsboy capPin

This model is mixing feminine and masculine details with the simple ruffle on the shirt and the more masculine boots and hat.

Remember, style is what you perceive it to be, and each person is different in the level to which they adopt a style. You may choose to go full on androgynous or just mix in one masculine detail to keep things more feminine.

Simple sweater+ white button up top+ plaid ankle pants + chunky boots

plaid pants outfitPin

This outfit is still conventionally feminine, but the outfit is simple and includes menswear inspired details with the white collared shirt and plaid pants. It’s the perfect polished business casual attire that makes a woman look more confident.

Blue button up + grey ankle pants + puffer vest + loafers

office outfit with button up shirt and puffer vestPin

Blouse- option; pants- Ann Taylor; vest- JCrew Factory; loafers – Dr. Scholls

I dipped into the androgynous style with this work wear outfit. I kept jewelry at a minimum with stud earrings and a simple watch. Someone who fully adopts this style may opt for a simpler belt.

Chinos + collared shirt + vneck sweater + tie

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style is rocking this androgynous outfit that includes a skinny tie with the collared shirt and sweater and chino trousers. The boots are a fun flirty touch. It’s the perfect mix of masculine and feminie elements.


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