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3 Easy Early Fall Work Outfits

Fall- such a glorious time of the year! Pumpkins, sweaters, jeans, booties! But wait, what do you wear to the office when jeans and booties are not appropriate? What about when the calendar says fall but the temperature is slow to feel like fall. Here are three easy early fall work outfits.

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1- Fall print top+ colored blazer+black pants

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Blazer-old; option; plus option; blouse- old; pants- Loft- option; shoes Nordstrom similar

This fall colored top has rust, black and teal in it. I paired it with black pants and a slightly lighter colored teal blazer. If you don’t have any fall color printed tops, get a couple of them now. They make putting together early fall work outfits a breeze. The various colors in a patterned top give you options and inspiration for pairing up the top with different pieces. They will work well with your classic pieces like black pants, but make you look on trend simply because you have chosen seasonally appropriate colors.

I’ve worn this top with teal and rust before. A lightweight blouse like this one will let you have all the fall feels and add a layer without melting into a puddle. I purchased this top from The Limited before it went out of business, but I’ve rounded up some fall print tops for you.

2. Burgundy blazer+ neutral pants

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Blazer- TJMaxx; old; option; option; blouse- old; pants- Loft- option; option; shoes- Payless; option

Since it’s early fall, you don’t have to go head to toe fall. Pair a fall colored blazer, like a burgundy blazer with lighter neutral color pants. These pants won’t see much wear during the winter, but they work well to transition to fall. I’ve also chosen a fall colored patterned blouse for this outfit.

3- Summer pants with fall pieces

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Blazer- thrifted; option; option; top- Loft; old; option; pants- Loft- old; option; shoes- Lifestride- option; option

I wasn’t quite ready to give up these summer pants, so I paired them with yet another fall color patterned top and some fall colors shoes for an early fall work outfit. See how easy these patterned tops make pulling together an outfit? A navy blazer is a great all season blazer to have.

Have a great week.