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Friday Favorites- My Favorite Hair Products for Shine, Hold and Moisture


Hello and happy Friday! It’s a long weekend for me, woo hoo! I’m preparing for a little down time this weekend to celebrate our 14th anniversary on the 14th. With that in mind, I’ve been frantically trying to schedule a few posts ahead this week and needed something easy to schedule ahead.

I decided this theme would be pretty easy to prep ahead. (Just keeping it real and being honest.) Besides, we are getting to the time of year when the temperature changes and the air gets dryer, and as a result your hair may be getting a little dryer too. Here are my favorite hair products for shine, hold and moisture.

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1- Bed Head Small Talk– This is a thickener and heat protectant. It’s not too thick of a product, kind of a cross between a gel and cream. I absolutely don’t need the thickening properties, but I use about a dime to quarter size amount on my damp hair before blow drying to protect it from the blow dryer.

2. Loreal Ever Pure Shampoo– I use this because it’s sulfate free. Sulfates will strip the color from your hair, and these highlights cost way to much not to take care of them. I use this rosemary moisturizing version as my hair can be pretty dry.

3. Bed Head After Party It’s a pretty thin cream that smooth out the hair and brings on the shine, shine, shine! I love this stuff! When I’m about half to three quarters done with drying my hair, I run this throughout my hair and then finish drying. You can also use on dry hair for flyaways.

4- Kenra Volume Spray #25- Again, I don’t need the volume. I have a pretty thick head of hair but I love this stuff because it holds without being stiff! It doesn’t build up like other sprays and you can brush and restyle. It allows me to go 3-4 days without washing because it doesn’t build up like other hairsprays.

5- Moroccan Oil Treatment- I also love this for smoothing dry frizzy hair. On about day 3 or 4 of not washing, my hair is dry and dull from product but I can add a dab of this here and there and get through another day. I know, most people get greasy from not washing- my hair gets even dryer.

I also like to rub coconut oil (the same one I use for cooking) on my scalp and let it sit a bit before washing when my scalp gets dry. This seems to do the trick at moisturizing my scalp and controlling the flakes.

What are your hair issues? Favorite hair products?