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7 Affordable Ways to Stay Active in the Winter (without a treadmill)

It’s easy to be active during the spring and summer. The weather is nice, the sun shines and the ground is usually clear and dry. But winter is a different story. The days are short and it’s often dark before and after work. There is snow and ice on the ground in some places making outdoor activities impossible. You might think you need a treadmill to keep active inside. While there is nothing wrong with a treadmill, consider these more affordable ways to stay active in the winter first.

7 affordable ways to stay active during the winterPin

1.  A mini trampoline These don’t take up much space and jumping was sure fun as a kid. Be a kid again and burn some calories while you do it. Jumping increases lymphatic flow and detoxes the body. It might help reduce cellulite. It’s also gentler on the joints, while building bone density.

2. Jump rope Torch 1300 calories an hour doing this! Improve mental sharpness as well. You  have to concentrate and be coordinated to accomplish some of the moves, so it goes to reason you would improve mental sharpness.

3. Free hand weights These don’t take up much room and you don’t need a large space to work out in. Building muscle will increase metabolism and burn fat. It also increases bone density. This is important for women, especially as you age.

4. Stability ball Great for condition your core. A strong core improves your posture. It’s easy to get full body workouts with a stability ball.

5. Apps- Put your smartphone to use for something other than sitting and scrolling. Use an app to find a killer workout. Brooke from Pumps and Pushups outlines some of her favorites.

6. You tube– Find tons of free workouts on You Tube. You can find anything you like, from high intensity interval workouts to low impact. All you need is a little space and maybe a mat.

7. Indoor walking at the mall or indoor stair running or climbing – Head to the mall or a public building with stairs. Walk away at the mall or run/climb stairs. You may be able to find a group in your town that meets at certain locations to do these activities. Google and see.


Every now and then it’s good to just brave the elements and get some fresh air. Make sure to dress warmly and wear breathable layers. The hubby and I took a hike at Cloudland Canyon State Park when we were on vacation. The high was never above 42 and in the bottom of the canyon it was about 36 degrees. Compared to our usual temps at home, that’s cold. I was plenty warm in this outfit of leggings, flannel shirt, and winter boots. I had a Cuddle Duds layering tee on under the shirt and this awesome packable puffer jacket. I wasn’t sure I would like a puffer. Puffy is the last thing I want to be or look like. However, this jacket is soft, comfy and water resistant, but not too thick. It’s the perfect outerwear for being active outdoors.



Jacket- Amazon

plaid shirt- Old Navy

leggings Amazon

boots- Target  option option

gloves- option

boot socks Old Navy

Have a great day!