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9 to 5 Style- How to Wear Lace

Welcome to 9 to 5 Style! The third  Monday of every month Jennie of A Pocketful of Polka Dots and I will showcase a theme featuring our individual takes on a professional look. Our aim is to inspire and show professional style does not have to mean boring and without personality. We hope you enjoy our 9 to 5 Style!


It’s my favorite Monday of the month! I love seeing how Jennie and I take the same item or theme and style different work outfits with it. This month Jennie chose lace. How to wear lace was a good prompt for me to style this JCrew Factory lace top again. I went with a black and white color scheme again, but added some pops of color. I have other ways to wear this top in mind, but you just can’t beat black and white.

Top- JCrew Factory option  option   option

pants- Loft

necklace- JCPenney option   option   option  

bracelets- Kendra Scott, Gorjana

watch- Target

purse- Ann Klein  option   option

shoes- Payless  option  option

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I’ll admit that I was a little unsure of lace when Jennie presented that theme. At first I thought “I only have two lace tops- this one and a pink one.” Then I remembered that I have a black lace top and later I remembered another one. Now I remember yet another one.  So I have four five lace tops, and now I’m a big fat liar, lol. And now that I’m typing this post, I think I probably have a lace trimmed cami somewhere. I used to wear them under cardigans, so maybe I should try that again too.  I don’t have any other lace items, well… maybe another shirt with lace trim. I just don’t feel like I’m a big lace person, and while this top or a lace top appears to be a popular blogger must have, I just don’t jump on that bandwagon often. Nonetheless, I love the results of this outfit and I’m so glad Jennie chose this theme. Thanks for the push! Be sure to check out her take on how to wear lace.

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