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A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Fashion Style

Although fashion is constantly evolving, there is some consistency in the dynamic change in trends—a phenomenon known as “modern fashion style”.

Curious? In this post, I’ll tell you all about this style, its key elements, some modern fashion style outfit options, and where you can shop to get this style right.

This is the next post in the series on unique personal style. If you use words like “trend-driven, cool, and modern” or “elevated, modern and trendy” when using the three-word rule to describe your style, your own unique style might be modern fashion style.

You might look to the likes of Amal Clooney or Zendaya for inspiration.

What Is Modern Fashion Style?

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Modern fashion style is what you make it to be.

Generally, it is about staying up to date with the latest trends in the industry while adopting styles that have constantly made a show-stopping appearance on runways and in popular fashion magazines over the years. You may want to emulate the most popular styles of the street style stars. You will be wearing whatever is popular today.

Think bold looks, bright colors and silhouettes that flatter your proportions—the whole shebang.

The modern fashion style can appear limiting—especially in terms of budget—but since it is highly adaptable, you can give it your own spin.

Modern street style is about dressing yourself in your own unique style based loosely on common current fashion trends. Just keep in mind that trends change every couple of years and it’s not very budget friendly to always update to the most current trend.

People with a modern fashion style enjoy dressing in a combination of styles, colors, and garment styles that make them look and feel their absolute best. Those that use a carefree, minimalist approach, combine classical style with modern attire, leading to a neutral wardrobe that can stand the test of time. This approach can make modern style a little more attainable and budget friendly.

Is modern fashion your style?

If so, use this comprehensive article as your style guide. It comes complete with a mini wardrobe collection to get you started and helpful information on places where you can shop till you drop.

The Elements Of Modern Fashion Style

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Are you looking to elevate your look with spotlight-stealing add-ons? Dive into these elements that define modern fashion style as we know it.

  •     Materials: Texture appeals to the senses, and it also determines how a particular fabric will look on your silhouette. It could be loose and floaty like high-quality cotton, silk, and linen or hefty like leather and wool. What you choose depends on the look you want to achieve.
  •      Colors: Colors create a visual impact, and the beauty of this fashion style is its versatility in this regard as well. While neutral colors, monochrome, muted and soft colors, and sorbet hues dominate the style, you’re free to wear shades that reflect your style and make you happy. Bold vibrant colors are often worn.
  •   Silhouettes: Silhouettes are the first thing people notice—everything else follows later. While there are staple silhouettes in the modern fashion style, keep in mind that every body shape is different. Different silhouettes work for different body types. It would be wise to stick with a silhouette that highlights your best features and makes you feel confident, instead of blindly following a trend. Remember, clothes are meant to fit you —not the other way around. Popular silhouettes for 2022 are flare legs, wide legs and puff sleeves- all things voluminous.
  •  Rhythm: The perfect rhythm happens when all the elements of the design blend seamlessly—in a way that your eyes move from one element to the other without meeting any resistance.
  • Embellishments: lace, embroidery, sequins or even feathers.
  • Graphic patterns: Bold graphics are often seen in modern street style
  • Layering: Layering is one of the best ways to achieve interest in an outfit, and modern style definitely embraces this.
  • Cut outs: Cut outs are a design element that has dominated modern trends the past couple of years.

As you can tell, the modern classic fashion style prioritizes flexibility, so you don’t have to choose between what makes you look good and what makes you feel good. 

What Clothing Pieces Should You Wear for Modern Classic Style?

Some of these will change with the trends and some are basics that will stay.


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A trench coat- a trench coat is always in style. Modern style has made it acceptable to throw one on over your sweats and comfortable clothing to elevate a casual look in recent years. Add a baseball cap to this look for a more casual look.

A blazer– for 2022 don an oversized one for modern style.

Cargo pants– Another 2022 trend. Go for a jogger fit or baggy pants. Wear them with high heels if you like.

A little black dress– A must for any fashionista of any style. The most modern look would be a LBD in leather.

A white tank top– This white shirt is a basic that became a fall trend for 2022. The modern fashion style would wear it with the baggy pants and oversized blazer.

Wide leg pants– These are a 2022 modern fashion must.


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The modern fashion wardrobe will include

chunky loafers,

lug sole boots, and

retro sneakers.

Bright white boots and loafers are the statement piece of fall 2022.

Jewelry and Accessories for Modern Style

A few pieces that are currently trending:

Chunky chains

Layered necklaces

Pearl jewelry, but with a modern twist

Modern Fashion Style Clothing Ideas

The modern fashion style is adaptable. So, no, you won’t have to ditch the classic pieces in your wardrobe in favor of new color palettes and trends.

Rather, you will focus on creating a modern take on classic style.

Here are some signature modern fashion style outfits you can try to build your very own new style—glorious mixes of modern and classic.

White Blouse + Cropped pants + Jacket + Sneakers

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This fun casual outfit combines basics like a loose white blouse cropped cargo pants. The two are paired with a short trench-coat for a modern touch. The look is suitable for daily life, especially when paired with comfortable sneakers. Accessorize with a link style earring.

Mock Neck Top + Midi Skirt + White Ankle Boots + Puffer Jacket

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For the colder months, pair a mock neck top and midi skirt with trendy white ankle boots and an on trend puffer jacket.

Shop the Look:

Blazer Over Hoodie + Plaid Pants + Sneakers

This modern androgynous look works for both men and women. An easy way to modernize an outfit is to pair casual wear or business casual with more formal pieces, like the hoodie under the blazer. Pairing unexpected pieces together can create an overall look that is fresh and modern.

Faux leather dress + combat boots

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Pair a leather or faux leather dress with combat boots. Pick a dress with voluminous sleeves for a feminine touch.

Shop the Look:

Places You Can Shop To Unleash Your Inner Modernista

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The modern fashion style is heavily influenced by celebrity culture and fashion houses, so finding items with impressive staying power can be effortless—just like your fashion aesthetic.

Below, find my recommendations for the luxury brands and stores that embody this fashion style to pure perfection, as well as budget friendly options.

Luxury Brands for Modern Fashion Style

LouLou Studio

LouLou studio, by Chloe Harrouche, is a thought leader in the fashion industry. Inspired by the city, it presents an elegant, sophisticated collection of timeless modern fashion style outfits that will keep you in style, always. Shop LouLou Studio at Nordstrom, Saks Fith Avenue and Net-a-Porter.


LVIR, the brainchild of Jiyoung Ahn and WonSub Lee, is available at retailers like Browns and Saks Fifth Avenue. The South Korean-based designers create flexible modern fashion style outfits with simple colors and comfortable styles that take on the wearer’s emotions for a personalized approach to style.

BITE Studios

BITE (By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress) creates timeless, thoughtfully designed pieces with organic, recycled, or low-impact materials— making fashion as we know it sustainable fashion.


Suneina, aka “bright light”, by designer Omar Salam derives inspiration from his personal history. This is very evident in the brand’s signature designs and braiding techniques. It allows you to share your identity with the world with modern fashion style outfits anchored in the craft.

Esse Studios

Esse studios are the forerunner of conscious-minded style, offering everyday modern fashion style outfits in slow-released collections. The seasonless edit somehow blends into every trend, providing pieces that speak to your style—while keeping you on top of ever-changing fluctuations in fashion.

Jil Sander

Jil Sander opened her first Hamburg store in 1968, bringing minimalist ready-to-wear to Milan in the decades that followed. From 2011 to 2019, Jil Sander Navy was an extension line with more color and more lifestyle friendly fabrics. The original line is still in production and is the epitome of modernity and sophistication.

Budget Friendly Modern Fashion Style Brands


“H&M is a fashion brand, offering the latest styles and inspiration for all. You can find everything from fashion pieces and unique designer collaborations to affordable wardrobe essentials, complete-the-look accessories and motivational workout wear.H&M has also started to focus more on sustainability.


JCrew has Classics, but with modern twists.


Zara has remained faithful to its core values, expressed simply in the same four key words that define it’s stores: beauty, clarity, functionality and sustainability. Keeps up with the latest fashion while maintaining high quality of products at an affordable price.


Timeless designs that are natural and contemporary can be found at Mango.

Now that you’re familiar with the what’s-what of modern fashion style, do you think it will complement your aesthetic? Will you be open to experimenting with it as your new style? Let me know in the comments below.


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