Savvy Southern Chic provides inspiration for stylish ladies outfits for ladies of all ages, with a focus for ladies in their thirties, forties, and fifties. Outfits include professional work outfits and casual outfits for weekends and daily casual activities.  The stylish work outfits feature skirts, trousers, blazers and work appropriate tops. Casual outfits include casual skirts, pants, and denim.

Your Guide to Styling the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

When you want to dress well, it’s important to look beyond just styles and trends. Knowing your body type plays a major role in determining what will and won’t look good on your frame. One…

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Women’s Fashion Tips: How to Dress Appropriately in Your 40s

Navigating the world of fashion in your 40s can evoke conflicting feelings and emotions. For many women, this decade is a period of introspection and acceptance. It may also be a time ladened with fleeting…

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What I Primed in September 2023: Fall Fashion Trends from Amazon

It’s time to share my Amazon finds and link up with Tanya. I love discovering all the great things on Amazon. When I get ready to update my wardrobe for a season and add a…

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Trending Colors for Fall Fashion 2023

Fall is here, and it’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest color trends for the season. This year, we’re seeing a captivating blend of rich and earthy hues that evoke warmth and comfort.…

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10 Easy Fall Work Outfits from 10 Stylish Pieces

Fall is a great time to refresh your wardrobe and make a new start. Kids go back to school and start a “new year” in the fall. Maybe you need to start a “new you”…

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The Best Deals For Fall This Week

Happy Saturday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. If part of it includes shopping for fall wardrobe items or fall trends, be sure to check out these deals.

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How to Dress When You Have a Client Meeting

In any field where client relations matter, appearances matter, too. Most people dress to communicate respect and exude authority when meeting with their professional contacts. They also expect the same courtesy from whoever they’re meeting.…

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