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Classy Over 40 Date Night Outfits

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Date night is an important event for married or long term couples. It’s a set aside time for spending time together. It’s time for setting aside life’s chores and focusing on one another. But there’s always the question of what to wear on date night.

As women age, it’s often more stressful to figure out what to wear on date night. We want to look attractive but still age appropriate. Don’t fret. Here are three classy over 40 date night outfits.

And if you aren’t married and are returning to the dating scene over 40, these are still applicable.

How to Dress for Over 40 Date Nights

If it’s a first date, wear something that strikes a balance between polished and relaxed. Dress in a feminine outfit but don’t go overly sexy. Wear something you feel confident in. Jeans and a dressy top work for most any situation, unless it’s a fancy restaraunt with a dress code. Choose a pretty dress that’s relaxed or a skirt and top with medium height heels if you need to dress up.

Don’t wear a hat on a first date. If it’s date night with your spouse or long time partner, a hat is acceptable if it fits the activity and is part of your style personality.

For any date, whether it’s a first or with your long time spouse, put a little effort into your date night outfit. Let your spouse know that you still care enough about them and yourself to put some effort into yourself.

Do something fun with your hair. Let it down if you normally wear it up. Tousle it or add some beachy waves.

Show off your best feature and downplay the rest. Show a little skin but keep it modest.

Off the Shoulder Over 40 Date Night Outfit

If your shoulders are a feature you want to show off, or if you want to hide large or flabby upper arms, choose an off the shoulder top for date night. The ruffles on this one at the top and cuffs give it a feminine flirty vibe.

Pair it with a skirt and flats for a dinner and stroll at the beach. Flat slide sandals will slip off quickly if you want to dip your toes in the water on a beach stroll.

If the off shoulder top and the skirt together are not modest enough for you, pair an off shoulder top with jeans. Straight leg crop jeans or crop flare leg jeans would still be appropriate for a stroll at the beach.

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Top- Amazon; skirt- JCrew Factory; slides- Amazon

Bright top and Black Pants Date Night Outfit

Pair a bright top with black ankle pants and heels for a nice dinner out. Make sure it’s your most flattering color for date night. Wearing your most flattering color will make your face glow.

Add some faux pearls for accessories. A fun clutch will allow you to carry the essentials but keep it simple.

Bright colors are going to stay on trend for fall so this outfit can be worn for a summer or fall date night.

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A Dress for Over 40 Date Night

For dinner, a movie or a play, wear a dress. A midi halter dress will allow you to play up your shoulders and face but still keep the outfit modest with the longer length. A dress that flatters will always be feminine and chic.

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Add some bright sandals and accessories for a summer date night outfit.

Make sure your outfit is suitable for the activity and location you have chosen for date night. If it’s a casual outing, choose clothes that are casual. Don’t over dress.

Most importantly, wear the outfits that make you feel good and that give you confidence. Don’t wear anything you will fuss with. Date night is for focusing on each other, not fussing with an outfit.

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