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Top 10 Fall Color Trends 2022 (Wear These to Elevate Your Style)

It’s still 100 degrees or hotter in some parts of the country, but many have the fall season on the brain. One of the easiest ways to transition to fall is with color. Wear these top 10 fall color trends for 2022 from Pantone to be on trend with your fall outfits this year.

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Don’t pack away your bright colors when summer ends. Much like last year, we are seeing bright and bold colors for fall. Gone are the days of an earthy neutral palette of colors for fall. If you are into dopamine dressing to improve your mood, the 2022 fall color trends will certainly excite you.

It seems that with each season now, colors become less traditional and more seasonless. Regardless of your color favorites for fall, there is a way to balance colors and neutrals and trends and traditions. Lets take a look at fall fashion colors for 2022 and how to wear them.

Top 10 Fall Color Trends 2022

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Lava Falls

Lava falls is the red color for the fall season. There has been a shade of red in the top fall colors for the past four to five years. It makes sense. Red is a color we see in fall in nature. Lava falls is a bold orange red.

This red is pretty bold. Pair it with Martini Olive or a grey like Chiseled Stone to ground it.

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Samoan Sun

Add a pop of cheer to a dull day with this “illuminating” color. You can wear this color paired with other neutrals or use it as an accent color with accessories. If your style personality is bold or eclectic, you may want to pair it with other brights from the Fall palette like orange or rose violet.

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Orange Tiger

Another bold color. It can be intimidating to wear but fun. Wear it sparingly with Olive, Midnight or Chiseled Stone, or pair it with creamy ivory colors or tan.

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Rose Violet

Some shade of this vivid and vibrant color has been in the top fall colo trends since 2018. At first it was a surprise, but it’s now a welcome one as we have begun to rely on color for boosting our moods more in the past couple of years.

It also pairs well with the fall neutrals Artic Wolf, Chiseled Stone and Polar Night.

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A bright green. This color has been trending since spring. Make it more fall like by wearing it in pieces that have some texture, like sweaters and tweed jackets, or add texture to an outfit with accessories.

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This one is really shocking for fall. You don’t typically see this color pink for fall. We’ve seen a less vibrant blush pink for fall before, but this pink is sticking with the theme of brighter colors.

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A fun blue that “cools and refreshes”. Well, something for us southerners who always have warm falls, haha. This one was a little hard to pull together examples in this exact shade, but there are certainly a lot of blues in the retailers’ new arrivals.

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Caramel Cafe

Rich browns will be trending for fall. If you are a traditionalist about fall colors, this one is for you. A camel blazer is a versatile piece. It will also remain classic when the color is no longer a trend.

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A deep blue, reminiscent of the evening sky.

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Martini Olive

Another good one to wear if you need earthy tones for fall feels. We’ve got plenty of experience wearing an olive utility jacket in the fall. This year wear this trending color in one of the fall trend comebacks- the bomber jacket.

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The Neutrals for Fall 2022

Work these in with your favorite trending bright colors to ground the color. Or wear all neutrals if that’s your preference. There is no right or wrong way.

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Remember, you don’t have to wear all of the top ten fall color trends for 2022. Pick one or two that are the most flattering to you and work them into your fall wardrobe.

If you are in love with a color that doesn’t love you back, wear it on the bottom or as an accessory.

Which one of these top ten fall colors of 2022 will you be wearing? Let me know in the comments.

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