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Fall Colors to Wear 2021: Easily Pump Up Your Dull Fall Wardrobe Now

The fall season brings to mind certain colors- rich earthy browns, oranges, yellow and reds. Nature paints it out for us with the changing of the leaves. But sometimes, the fashion industry throws a curve into what is considered the trending fall colors of a particular season. That can leave some of us in limbo over what fall colors to wear and how to wear them.


Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite fall colors for 2021 and how to pair them with other colors.

Here’s what Pantone has deemed the colors for the 2021 fall season:


The first row is a little bit of a shocker for those of us who love our traditional rules and colors. They come off as more appropriate for spring and summer, although blush has been trendy for fall in the past. The colors are bold, bright and heavily saturated. The second row and the core neutrals on the bottom are the more traditional fall colors.

It seems that more and more each season the lines are blurred as to what it an appropriate color for that season. We’ve been seeing and wearing “spice” or colors similar to clay all spring and summer.

Thankfully, there is a mix of traditional and none traditional colors in the fall color palette for this season. You can be stylish no matter which way you go with your fall colored clothes. And you can certainly rev a dull wardrobe with these rich, bright fall colors.

Fall Colors to Wear

Pantone continues their quest for rejuvenation, optimism, and all things positive with this fall color palette as we continue to work our way out of a pandemic. Let’s take a closer look at seven of my favorites from this palette.

Fire Whirl Red

Red is stimulating and intense. It is a color for both passion and anger. It’s a bold color that exudes confidence. Pantone describes fire whirl red as “a vigorous red with a dynamic presence.”  We can find fiery reds in the changing fall leaves as well.  Cozy up in a red sweater when the fall temperature drop.

Olive Branch

“Symbolic of growth.” The olive shade is also a symbol of peace and harmony. I reserved olive just for fall in years past, but it has become a year round neutral for me. It pairs perfectly with the bolder colors and with other neutrals. Top your fall outfit with an olive jacket or wear an olive dress or olive jeans as the base of an outfit.

You can’t go wrong with olive and red.

Red makes a bold statement and olive is the perfect neutral to pair with it. Some shade of red has been one of the Pantone fall colors for several years now. It’s a classic you will see over and over.

Olive and red fall outfitPin

Add some soybean (or tan or beige/khaki) to the mix.

Olive and red work outfitPin

Of course you can wear either of these fall colors on their own. I’ll be wearing this olive corduroy utility jacket on repeat this fall with everything.

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Fuchsia Fedora

A flirtatious bold pink with allure. Tip your hat to this one! This color is also fabulous worn in a cozy sweater or a blazer. Add some fun to an outfit with fuchsia suede mules or loafers.

Wear fuchsia with root beer brown.

Pinks and browns always make a great pairing.

fuchsia blazer with brown pantsPin

Ground fushsia with grey.

fuchsia cardigan with grey fall colors outfitPin

Pair up fall colors in unexpected ways. Fucshia looks fabulous with adobe or rust/clay.

fall date night sweater dress outfitPin

Faux suede moto jacket/ Express sweater dress/ Gorjana stud earrings/ Gorgjana star necklace/ Madewell clutch/ sandals


“A warm and supportive sundried clay.” This color exudes warmth and happiness.  Don this color in everything from pants, sweaters, jackets or boots.

Adobe looks amazing with navy or rhodonite and spring lake.

fall colors work wear with rust blazerPin

Pale Rosette

“An endearing and gentle romantic pink.”  You will see this one referred to as blush. In addition to romance, rose pink is associated with femininity, sweetness, and joy.

A classic pairing for rose or blush is grey, but is also looks lovely with spring lake. In the spring I pair it with olive (as seen in this post), but I would pull in another traditional fall color for a fall outfit with blush and olive.

blush and spring lake blue fall work outfitPin

Rose or blush looks fall ready when paired with browns.

fall colors to wear, feminine and edgy fall outfit with blush and brownPin
Blouse/ faux leather pants/ booties/ earrings

Spring Lake

“A quite and restful mid tone blue.” Blues  represent the freedom of the sky and sea, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blues also represent depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, and faith. This muted blue is perfect for tops and bottoms.

Ultimate Grey

“Encourages composure.” One of the colors of the year for 2021, grey is a workhorse in the fall and winter. Hello grey jeans! They go with everything. Grey is also a classic, go to color to have in your work wear attire year round.

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Which fall colors will you be wearing this fall?

You likely have something in your closet already for fall that’s right on trend. I pulled most of these photos from my archives. Color “trends” usually aren’t “trends” but classics that recycle and reappear year after year.

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