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How to go from frumpy to fabulous

Do you ever have those days when you just don’t feel right in your outfit? Those days when you know the pieces you picked out are cute and stylish, but they just don’t work and you still feel frumpy? Keep reading and see how to examine those pieces to go from frumpy to fabulous.

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Let’s look at this outfit below. There is nothing wrong with the individual pieces.

I’ve worn them all before- riding boots with skinny jeans, the midi dress with heels, and the cardigan gets lots of wear. I’ve even worn the cardigan with the riding boots in the same outfit. All of the pieces work for me, but these pieces don’t really work together. The result is a little dumpy and frumpy.

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This outfit came straight from a popular capsule wardrobe I follow. I almost titled this “the problem with capsule wardrobes.” If you are just learning to dress yourself, you can get easily led astray following someone else’s capsule wardrobe to the letter.

The cut, style and fit of those pieces may not flatter you. I cringe sometimes when I see some of the ladies following the outfits to the letter, but with the wrong fit for them. You really have to learn your body type and what works for you. Then you can adopt those capsule formulas to you.

For the below outfit, I took the basic formula but changed it a little. Instead of midi dress+flat riding boots+long cardigan, I changed it up a bit to midi dress+boots+completer piece.

The result is much more polished and fitted to me.

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Dress- Old Navy option  option

blazer- The Limited option

boots- Naturalizer  option  option  option

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purse- option

earrings- option

Here are a few tips to go from frumpy to fabulous:

1.  Mind your proportions. If you are wearing a midi dress that already has some volume, go for a completer piece that’s more fitted like the structured blazer.

2. Add a heel. Heels are a petite girls best friend. They don’t have to be 3- 4 inch heels either. Just a little heel and a slimmer shaft in the boot took this outfit from frump to fab.

3. Add a punch of color. This neutral cardigan serves its purpose in many situations, but a bit of color really jazzed this up.

The best way to learn what works for you is to take pictures of yourself. You don’t have to share them anywhere but those selfies will tell you a lot more than the mirror.

If you don’t like what you see, analyze and determine why. It’s the best way to go from frumpy to fabulous.

And don’t blindly follow all those capsule wardrobes out there to the letter. They are a great starting point for mixing and matching pieces. I use them myself for inspiration, but I make adjustments for what fits my body type.

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What we’re eating this week- Bar-b-que! We have a new place in town called Willie Jewel’s and we’ve been twice in one week! So good!

What I’m reminiscing about– childhood Halloween carnivals, hayrides and apple bobbing. Oh to be a kid again.

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What I’m doing this weekend– going to a private 50th wedding anniversary celebration. A former coworker of my husband retired to take care of his wife who has dementia. He has also suffered a stroke in the past year and isn’t doing as well himself, but is still devoted to caring for his wife. He has invited us to their 50th wedding celebration which will be at their home. We are honored that he reached out to let us in to this special part of their lives.

What are you up to?