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Mixing plaid and herringbone

I didn’t mean to overwhelm you with this sweater after having just shown it in 2 of my 3 ways to wear velvet pants post, but a white or cream sweater is just that good. It’s the perfect base for a cute winter outfit.

cute winter outfitPin

cute winter outfitPin

riding boots outfitPin

plaid scarf herringbone vestPin

Sweater- Gap  option  option  option

vest- JCrew Factory  option  option

jeans- Nordstrom  option

boots- Naturalizer (old)  option

scarf- Loft (old)  option  option

ear crawlers- JCrew Factory (old)  option

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A white or cream sweater is a nice winter closet staple that makes great base for a ton of outfits. This is my day 1 outfit of the GYPO Winter 2017 challenge. I shopped my closet for this one and did not make any purchases for this cute winter outfit, but the formula is still there. I was excited to see some inspiration on how to wear this scarf and vest in new ways.

This last leg of holiday prep is kicking my behind, so I’m keeping this short and sweet since I’m running behind.